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Created: November 25, 2016

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Posted on V_swTcvANSDB7T-R mod

Pink = 1 x Mirror (Height: 2 Blocks)

Orange = 3 x Mini (Height: 1 Block)

Blue = Boss

Red = Skulls

Posted on Lagless Crafting mod

Breaks being able to scroll up/down the list of items to be created in the new seperated work benches. :(

This mod was made whe the workbench had all the recipes.
I am certainly no modder.

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Glad you are back.. no idea why ALL your mods got removed, but they should not have been. Welcome back! I am glad to see your mods recent again... if you don't mind and have time, can you upgrade/recheck all mods to ensure they live on? Great job, thanks Attis!

it's not Attis, i just add this mod back because is a good mod and i add him and chrono as an editor, mod right now is not supported by anyone so if there is a bug or something wrong no one will fix it :/

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Sadly Yes, that is correct. They both use the same .swf file so one would have to be added into the other to have both.

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Update to the new version and you can still use your GUI Mods, thanks.

Posted on Improved Bear+Bird Decoration Drops Visibility mod

Items are just too big.. it ruins using them in club worlds when they are this large. Some sort of VFX or Glowing Aura would be better, imo.

Posted on TheSymbols Chat Mod mod

The 12/24 Hour time is not sticking for 12 Hours for me using the config creator and stormreapers clock mod. Is there a fix available for this by any chance?  Thanks, Tolerant

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Posted on ExoDave Small map mod

Nice mod. Is there any way to make the map moveable or the ability to keep it open while moving?

I did notice when terraforming that the mouse cursor is nowhere near the modded map, but seems to be using original location from original map.

Thanks for your time and mods.

Posted on ExoDave Better invites mod

When I tried to invite someone to ST who did not have enough power to get into UM WP, a box popped up saying OK or something.. but it was totally unclickable and the only way to quit was to X out of the program. Mouse clicks were useless, ESC key was useless. Can you look into that, seems like it would be a useful mod. :( Thanks

Thank you. This was a Critical bug. The issue has now been resolved please update to the lastest version of this mod!

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Is it possible to add a button to "Like" worlds that you are in for worlds without a Homeworld heart that is easy to find or doesn't exist?

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I need to remove liked worlds that no longer exist. Is there any possible way at all to do that (as this MOD only works when you can go to a world)?