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5 Reasons why this should win a code:

1. It's awesome

2. It's made out of lego!!!

3. It's unique!!

4. I wish I can have this

5. Hmm did I mention it was made out of lego


But keep up the good work dude!!

Too bad I dont have Tanbleddyn to ride him tho ;A;
Some day

Artist because I am still bad at modding ;v;

Ayyy, thanks I am glad you liked it! It's just some simple lil' pixel animation :3

Oh snap, this one is amazing! (╯°□°)╯

Dinos are too cuuuuute

It looks cooler than I thought.

Maybe I can send an un-watermarked version if the Devs want one? :3

Hello Weulf and ty :3

and ye, it's me Wyvern from Forbidden Legend :v

Good luck everyone, :v

Thank you! <3

Two words: Just Awesome


"You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies..."

Hello I am Wyv and I am still learning how to art!
You might be able to find me on Discord or if you know where :p

Don't play this game much anymore but an still here~

A lot of 2017 and before art here but perhaps it's better to leave it all here to look back <3

DeviantART -|- FlightRising



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