Late birthday gift for you mau5!! Your TR is very fun to doodle/draw °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°~Thank you for joining us and sharing your doodles~☆ ~('▽^人)

HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚I hope you have (or had) a great day!!

How I portrayed Heartbleed costume and my NN >< She's a roobot. Sorry if its too bright

Born of gold, born of sky.

I have been looking forward to re-drawing this old piece for quite a while since it was an art I remember that I felt happy with and wanted to see how far I've come.

Indeed I really need to learn how clothing is like on our bodies its still so strange to me! I will see what I can improve with this. Tysm for your feedback!! ;A; 

And sorry I took this look to reply... ;;'

It would be awesome if Trove had bone vultures of some sort (´·ω·`) Admittedly got lazy with it halfway through;; but was mostly done to play with brushes and scenery a bit more

Boomer and DT snuggle!! Wanted to do human one but got bored of it so start from scratch ;;

Quick practice doodle \o/

Interpretation of Evil's One-with-earth raiser :3/

"Birthday gift" art of [mod=5743] for [user=23761]~I'm around 2 days late but I hope you had a great birthday! ;v;

5 Reasons why this should win a code:

1. It's awesome

2. It's made out of lego!!!

3. It's unique!!

4. I wish I can have this

5. Hmm did I mention it was made out of lego


But keep up the good work dude!!

Blocktron guards his 4 cats fiercely and never let's them out of his sight- HEY! Where did one of them go?? :c


Too bad I dont have Tanbleddyn to ride him tho ;A;
Some day

Crab's artistic talent >:3

We’re rising, we’re falling,We’ll make it through~We’re climbing, we’re soaring,A thousand views~

My aim is true, but my mind is c̸̢̲͑̔o̸̮͈̔n̸̹̒͝f̴̫͒̅ḽ̵͠͝i̶̹͌̒c̵̲̤͝t̷̤̆ë̸̤̜́͗d̶̛̺̙̉My sword is sharp, but my strike is restrictedThough I was stripped of wingsDeath is the gift I bringLet mortals hear me sing!

It's 12am I hafta go to sleeps. And I forgot the shading, whoops ^^'.

Artist because I am still bad at modding ;v;

DT and two baby T-Rexes :D

I enjoyed drawing those tiny little toes :3

Full squad \o/Clycolous and Bloob was the most fun to draw XDStruggles to get Xaniu's swirl thingo right and Vitus took the most time to draw and fully colour (no suprise :p)

I am pretty bad at machinary and stuff like that but spaaaaace! \o\

I gave up on drawing Albairn's wiiiiings (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ but ye


"You don't need to change, It's boring being the same - Flamingo."

hi i am wyvern and i have a self-esteem level of
negative 100
I love to draw doodle stuff, write quirky characters and be a FOOL

my art style is a chimera at times i am sorry


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