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Posted on: Merry Snowfest! art

Thank you ^^

Posted on: Merry Christmas art

Undoubtfully the best piece of work in the Snowfest Art Contest, I hope this one wins!!! ^^

Posted on: Snow in the Arctic art

Good sir, this looks awesome! You wouldn't mind telling me what software you used? 

Posted on: Royal Ranger Giveaway giveaway

Good luck everyone! :D

Posted on: Chimeric Cubist Giveaway giveaway

Good sir! I won a code X33

Posted on: Two Years of Trovesaurus page

I saw Trovesaurus first, which introduced me to Trove. Not the most amusing story.


Posted on: Snowfest Day Albairn Giveaway giveaway

Good luck everyone, this is gonna be tight!

Posted on: Neverending Necrowmancer giveaway

Enjoy your new mount then XD

Posted on: Neverending Necrowmancer giveaway

Congrats! XD

Posted on: Streamer Dream Giveaway - October giveaway

Congrats to the winners XD