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test post...?

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I heavily and guiltily agree!!!!

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Thank you!!! 
I am glad to have time to be able to make sum art ^^

Posted on: Hell and Back art


Aaaaaaaa thank you!! ;;;;

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Thank youu ;;;

Posted on: The 22 artists drawn by Mau5y (make sure you zoom in the picture) art

Bringing message that everyone on Discord loves it very much, thank you for making it!!

Happy new year Mau5! I hope you continue to make great works in 2019 ^^

Posted on: Dino Boop art

Indeed I really need to learn how clothing is like on our bodies its still so strange to me! I will see what I can improve with this. Tysm for your feedback!! ;A; 

And sorry I took this look to reply... ;;'

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5 Reasons why this should win a code:

1. It's awesome

2. It's made out of lego!!!

3. It's unique!!

4. I wish I can have this

5. Hmm did I mention it was made out of lego


But keep up the good work dude!!

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Too bad I dont have Tanbleddyn to ride him tho ;A;
Some day

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Artist because I am still bad at modding ;v;

Posted on: Monster Fight!! (Part one~) art

"Mrrp!" of agreement.

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Ayyy, thanks I am glad you liked it! It's just some simple lil' pixel animation :3

Posted on: We are in jungle wonderland! - Diamond Lord & Pinata Tamer art

Oh snap, this one is amazing! (╯°□°)╯

Dinos are too cuuuuute

Posted on: Frostgale the Fierce Giveaway giveaway

First? GL everyone