Likes (art)

Moonlight Covenant


Featured Art Comments:

I'm in love with this, the details, hair colour and waving effect look so good. You've done a great job with making it come alive with the animation, and I really like the hair and armour.

TFM / Etaew

An Electric Skitterling hungry for some Chocolate


Featured Art Comments:

Ruled paper art is the best art. – Bliza

I really like the colors on this, specifically the clear use of multiple pens or colored pencils gives it a unique and interesting look. - Meowser

Awesome details and art, now I'm craving some chocolate. - Mobi

My trove character in love!


Featured Art Comments:

What sweet happy family taking a nap <3 – Meowser

so many nice spiky angles on those sleepy bois – Habidakus

After a long day of Trove, it's nice to huddle up and become a sleepbug like this. - Mobi

Dev Dream Challenge