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The ranger that will never cease to show off

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It's time for our next round of community focused drawing challenges. This time we're looking at Rosain, a long term community member and modder. Draw some art featuring his character or creations for a chance at some Trove goodies.

He is as busy as a bee !!!  = ᕕ( >O<)ᕗ

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A big heart can go two ways: Warm compassionate feelings, and pumping cold-blooded bloodlust through the veins! A great big bear hug vs. a great big bear slap!

 I would also like to meet a nice friend! (9`・ω・)9

This is the (Royal Ranger) i made, i know that the entire picture is horrible, but i try :D

Roukirou's rendition of the royal ranger by Rosain!

After doing the drawing, I realized that he looks like a Griffon, so why not make a wordplay to justify my laziness? :v

meet my shadow hunter oc Kiro! :3

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This is actually the illustration I had when I first started unlocking Gunsliger.I thought trovesaurus would launch GS's art creation challenge some time later.At that time, I wanted to take this painting and submit it directly for saving time.(This can m

Knight has always been in my mind the most romantic occupation,Even medieval knights actually violent taxation, abuse of power.(Off-topic)This does not affect me even if I'm 22 years old and believe knights and ninjas really exist.;)


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