bon' appetit . . . or *crap*! much edginess

NYOOOOOM . . . ! (that mud really looks more like chocolate :/)

Upcoming update looks interesting for me (at least) but only time will tell.

I drew it for devs before Gamescon 2018, it was secret one but I think I can upload it now!

No description entered

Day 4 (Roasted) of my Inktober drawings that was related to trove. Might have interpreted wrong from the theme but I thought of fire for this one.

InkTrover Day 8th: Star(fire)


For many years, his sheer power has protected the peaceful Geodians from forces of evil.  Now with their lives in danger against the Shadows, he risks his life to protect those who inhabit the planet of Geode.

COSTUME ( Dracolyte)

This mod replaces the [collection=Level 10 Dracolyte] with the Red Pyro costume from Team Fortress 2, as well as the [style=Everyday Firestarter] into the Flamethrower, and the [style=Ancient Dragoncrown] into the Pyro's Gas Mask


This colorful birb will light up all the plasma!

ALLY ( Knight)

A reference to a certain special toy line that i hold dear to my heart <3


watch closely, you might miss it o-O

COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

This Vaydrith Shadow Hunter has eyes that pierce enemies as much as his arrows do!

(part of the Vaydrith Costume series!)

COSTUME ( Vanguardian)

An Izuku costume for Vanguardian, evil though...
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