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Posted on: Desert Frontier event

What's this? There's no info on anything.

Posted on: 3 Years of Trovesaurus page

I think i found the site when searching for the wiki. it looked cool and I saw free stuff so I continued from there. I mainly use it for mod file info, mod hosting, the giveaways... I can't really think of much to improve on.

Posted on: Llama Escape Giveaway giveaway

fishing in hub + patience

Posted on: Phantataur Giveaway event

phantatuar!? I need this! Wasn't able to get one during halloween!

Posted on: Country Communities page

I think it's pretty neat. Just a place to to talk to others in the sam region as you.

Posted on: Artist x Modder Signup event

I'll take a modder role! :)

Posted on: Positivity Fortnight page

I like gettin all that good rare stuff then sellin it for flux then blowing flux on gear upgrades & other rare stuff then being broke and sad again then repeat...

Posted on: Positivity Fortnight page

I just love collecting stuff. Gives me a good feeling of self completion whenever I get something really rare. Mostly ships and dragons because they're the biggest and rarest.

Posted on: Blitz and Glitz Costume Pack pack

no, they're automatically unlocked when you enter the code. but you could possibly trade the code, just can't garuntee you a fair trade.

Posted on: St. Qubeslick's Day Art Contest - Results page

I like MrWhoever's XD

Posted on: Unhandled tip / 126 tip

Posted on: Builder's Club Spotlight #17e03: Primal Grey Matters page

Those jurassic fossils are so cool! :D Seems kinda hard to build detail in trove, IDK how they do it.

Posted on: [Deleted Art] art

thats the thing, i don't have a photo scanner. :( only an iPad camera...

Posted on: Fasti Works Out art

tom&jerry reference?

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This is the really old shadow tower portal. :D