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Posted on: Fanatic Florist (VG x CM) art

liked this! JOJO REFERENCE

Posted on: MonSlayer mod

Posted on: Peaceful Hills art

thanks sir! im so glad that you like it! btw there is a tool in paint tool sai that's called curve tool. you can manipulate the pressure of the curve or lines using it. It's just like pen tool in Photoshop but it's a lot easier and handy in paint tool sai!

Posted on: Take care you plant art

liked this! kawaii <3

Posted on: Two Hours Later art

liked this! yeet bruh

Posted on: Trove - Bomber Royale Season 2 Hotfix 2 - April 4, 2019 page

finally. its annoying to see people who abuse the 1st block where they both queque at the same time then damage the other one then leave. It counts as first block and its annoying. glad they fixed this

Posted on: Dark Star art

thankyou so much!!!! <3

Posted on: Dark Star art

Thankyou so much!! it'll be a pleasure if you'll share

Posted on: Dark Star art

thank you so much! :)

Posted on: Geode Surface - Art Month page

liked this! what does the reward token gives?