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We will take down the 5* dungeon, for glory and honour and also C3s!

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this mod turns stellaurion into razor the cyber dragon

Costumes ( Boomeranger)

This mod turns the Lvl 20 Boomeranger costume and helm, Protector's Purpose and Wormwood Bow styles into a mysteriously modern gear from before Trovian time!

A kiwi has stole them cookies .. what has shall be done ?

*ctang *ctang .. Is prepare to be in frontline !!


" CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH! ...and milk drips."

Costumes ( Gunslinger)

[user=peridorito] 's Ice Sage! Peri said that Time Sage is her favourite costume- well, hope you enjoy! >;3

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Costumes ( Dracolyte)

No alliteration in the name? Darn.


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