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Posted on: Scooby Doo Shaggy mod

Posted on: Digital Dragon's Disciple mod

great job with the look of the RHOM-10 dragon and transferring the looking style to the dracolyte!

Posted on: Razor the Cyber Dragon mod

This looks really cool, and the gradients on the colors and wings are amazing, you handled all the shading and normal colors pretty nicely and the model doesn't feel boring. All around great

Posted on: [Deleted Mod] mod

Man, all the dragons you make are amazing but how do the chocolate chips not melt? Anyway this is an amazing model and also sticks to the candy theme of dracocolatl with the candy and stuff, great job.

Posted on: [Costume] Arcanium Dracolyte mod

Arcanium for me is hard to use but you handled it well, great job on this one

Posted on: Spacesuit mod

Reminds me of that mech from subnautica but otherwise amazing work on this one

Posted on: Blackguard mod

cool mod i also really like the added mount but i feel like it could have some more colors

Posted on: Evil's Totally Evil Space Sage giveaway

spage sage?

Posted on: Happy New Year Trovians!! art


Cool i thought it looked like my pirate captain and my main is the revenant

Posted on: Happy New Year Trovians!! art

:D i'm in it but i don't know where i am

p.s. about the dragon i'm on vacation and i'll do as much work as i can, so it may be a while

Posted on: [Costume] Steambot Shogun mod


cool and also just a quick reminder you can do things like [ collections=Level 10 Neon Ninja] as a quick way to show the item and it cleans things up a bit

Posted on: [Costume] Steambot Shogun mod

Woah, an arcanium neon ninja! it looks really good with the colors and the model is simple and great! 


p.s. how do you make so many mods in a small time period!

Posted on: Mixter, the Dubstep Maestro 2.0 mod

This mod's colors are amazing, it's suprisingly nice to look at, but the wings feel flimsy as they don't look and feel like wings; But if you did something like making full wings and then adding speakers all over it or giving them a sharp look would go good, or both, but those are just suggestions, all around this is pretty good!

Posted on: V_swTcvANSDB7T-R mod


Yeah but i know just how hard VFX is and taking someones work without even asking, is kind of a jerk move.

Posted on: knight knight art

Hey i would be glad to make the farming knight :D or sailor whichever one you want me to do.