also for my character page

for my character page //

cel shading on point

i look like a poacher more than an explorer. oops lmao

its a chloro AND a gs lol

No description entered

cb and sh synergy isnt actually that great but *shrug*

just a little bit :p

shiro your devstream recaps are lifesavers, keep up the good work :P

apologies for how messy this is. lol

No description entered

the cold never bothered me anyway

first time trying to animate. pretty trash but hey, its a start

thanks! :D

my main 4 classes, mercenaries and explorers :p

i didnt know which reference to follow so i followed all of them

No description entered

No description entered

keep your voice down, i heard the librarian isnt very nice. ( my tomb raiser, r.i.p his hair)

No description entered

reupload cuz i messed up

so freakn adorable

random doodle i feel like sharing cuz i like it

i swear it was funnier in my head

i had no idea what to put for the title lol


*slithers into the darkness*


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