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Created: August 6, 2018

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Does it even have a leg ?

I love the idea and layout of this dungeon and how perfectly it blends in with any terrain in spawns on.

Designing a Developer Ally - erinnyes

Etaew October 10, 2019 0 13

To welcome our new community overlords, and to provide some focus for our modding community, we're looking to create a developer ally for the new Trove team member erinnyes.

Completely done with pixelart.Nature's Embrace 55 color palette.This work will be uploaded to my web galleries after the contest!

Meet the legendary female gunslinger, Mrs.Eta! she likes cheap beer,and manly mustache also she dislike gunslinger whose better than her but more importantly, how will this hunt's end?! will this be a fated encounter?

Breeze gently pass by the ocean everyday, so is Sam,and Parlay as a Plunder Pals going together to explore the ocean! by the way, i should spare more time on making a gif! 

It might have been a bit too ambicious for this contest. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Let da dragon consume you! :y

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Fabulous even standing on ice among the polar bears