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Commented on: Dev Dream giveaway

missed with 10 secs Oof

Commented on: Spires Dragoon giveaway

Hmm my 'Road to Geode 100' would be much easier :D

Commented on: 3 Years of Trovesaurus page

liked this!

I found this site when I was searching for free mounts in trove xD But It's a very useful website I use Trovesaurus for streams , mods, patch notes and the giveaways. Happy 3rd anniversary and thanks for the hard work!

Commented on: Country Communities page

 I hope many Hungarian player will join to the Trove Hungary  ^-^

Commented on: Bat Dragon mod

liked this!

I like it.

That looks really good.
They shoul add it to the game with other animal-dragons (like the new dog dragon)


Commented on: Flakbeard Giveaway giveaway

Oh yeah 

Commented on: G.R.Y.P.H. 3000 Giveaway giveaway

I want G.R.Y.P.H 3000. ,but no hope for me :'D

Commented on: Delicious Direwolf Giveaway giveaway

I want it :D 

Commented on: Chronozilla's Forfeit Giveaway giveaway

I want Ludini  *_*  #nohopeforme :'D