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Posted on: Swiftfest page

o, that wasn't part of the art, that was just saying it is part of the contest

Posted on: Starfire Aileron mod

ah, i just spotted it lol

Posted on: Starfire Aileron mod

which wings do these replace?

Posted on: Red Hot Wings giveaway

White hot wings are my fave wings in the game, i cant wait for these!

Posted on: Modding The Wrong Thing art

If it does happen, don't blame me lol

Posted on: Fae Forest meats fae rodent art

i agree now that i look back at it xD

Posted on: Clockwork Controller giveaway

number 1073... -_-

Posted on: Swiftfest page

Apparently I have used someone else's picture. I made mine on paint. Why did i get blamed? They must have got it wrong

Posted on: Sageosaurus Claim

I accidentaly used this code on the wrong glyph account and i cant get another code. This item doesn't give any mastery, right?


Posted on: #TheSymbolFTW art

I tried my best lol