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Undertow Attire: Pirate Captain Costumes: Pirate Captain

Presenting the Thirteenth piece of the Undertow Attire: The Pirate Captain outfit. Normally the pirate captain roams the Seas but this captain literally is capable of roaming IN the sea. The dark aquatic tendencies are accompanied by a chubby but cute manta ray baby called Chubbster.

Mechanical Virus Costumes: Vanguardian

Don't download this mod!, it's a VIRUS

Undertow Attire: Vanguardian Costumes: Vanguardian

Presenting the Twelfth piece of the Undertow Attire: The Vanguardian Undertow outfit. In its search to be the ultimate do-gooder, the vanguardian struck a sneaky deal with undertow. But Undertow saw through the deception and punished the vanguardian. Its left arm would get double the power but its right arm would shrivel to nothing.

Designing a Developer Ally - erinnyes

Etaew October 10, 2019 0 10

To welcome our new community overlords, and to provide some focus for our modding community, we're looking to create a developer ally for the new Trove team member erinnyes.

Undertow Attire: Dino Tamer Costumes: Dino Tamer

Presenting the Eleventh piece of the Undertow Attire: The Dino Tamer Undertow outfit. This tamer tamed the mightest, deadliest creatures of the dark sea, with the help of Mr. U. Tow of course. Well..... besides that cute seahorsie, which ain't that terrifying at all.
Thank to Blackie from the name suggested ^^ All Hail-Bug!

Artist Interview - Crowvidae

Etaew October 7, 2019 0 11

This time on Artist Spotlight we talk to crowvidae previously known as WyvernWarrior about them and their art.

Inquisitor Costumes: Gunslinger

Undertow Attire: Shadow Hunter Costumes: Shadow Hunter

Presenting the Tenth piece of the Undertow Attire: The Shadow Hunter Undertow outfit. For this shadow hunter actually wants to be called Sun Hunter, but nobody joins in on its wishes and still laugh behind it's back for hunting its own shadow. It has an awesome bomb though, something the sunseeker one seems to be lacking. R.U.M.O.U.R.S.

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From teaching how to mod now this turned into quality old boot post, replace Royal Tortoise