Hope you caught the clue why that fish was drawn. :^)

Delicious (PC) 8 hours ago


Don’t worry dude, even if you’re not good at drawing on PC, it’s still an effort to gain the gratefulness Ro has for you, for at the very least giving him something to feel warm over his donation, I’m sure he’s overjoyed!! <3

Wish it was a coloured piece though, that'd be so beautiful, though then again, black and white pieces are also quite interesting :3c

Of course, it caught my eye! I might have a preference towards pieces that really cover the overlooked,
but I'm glad you made a piece about these two beauties <3

For the reason as of why it was called "Fulguras, the Lightning" without the blade, ask the Trove Wiki! :^)

Delicious (PC) 1 day ago


D'aww, that's so cute! Keep up the good work, that's truly adorable! <3

Dude, that looks amazing! :D

Sad that school's occupying you, but I do hope you still apply as much effort to any contest, this piece really caught my eye! <3

Also nice work :DDDD

Regardless that you think this isn't your best work, it's really adorable overall!
I can't wait to see what you'll have more to offer as soon as you get your tablet, keep it up!! <3

For you to go beyond your way to do a before and after, GOSH that's dedication! >:0

10/10, truly adorable! <33

To be honest, that is a pretty neat art style! :O

Dude, I love how you do water, that's really cool! :O

Golly, one of the best things that have ever caught my eye was,
this piece that reminded me of the Pringles man on the Chip can.

dude, I love Pringles. >:000


D'awwwwwww!!! ❤︎
Regardless of the missed criteria that it should be in a different style,

I think this is truly an adorable piece, keep up your amazing work, AhhHH ITS TOO CUUUTE!! >v< 

Gotta say, I'm otterly wowed. :O

I don't see too much relation from it to Trove, but it does look undoubtedly adorable! :D

I'm glad you took that criteria to heart! xDD
This is absolutely amazing, as well as adorable, dude. You should post more!! :D

Whatever the form of art is, it's truly different from your current one ahahah! xD
But to be fair overall, this is really good, I gotta tell you.

You should post more of this kind of art, it seems you've got the knack for it! :D 

Otters will rule the world!! >:0

This is really cute, boss! keep up the amazing work!
I'd love to see more of this style, it's too adorable! >v<

I'm not sure where the Onigiri came from, but that's an adorable piece! 

I gotta say, this is really adorable! This caught my eye when I was browsing around the entries, although I don't really see the relation from it to Trove, it was still very good!

Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see more of your pieces! :D

Checking back at this again, I gotta tell ya, that's absolutely awesome! :D
The guns were a nice touch on wearing available assets, shoulders are well modeled,
I feel off only about the Snowflake at the back and the cape itself since it's not the same palette as the Bandana around the front, but overall that looks pretty dang great!

Keep up the amazing work, I'd love to see more of your work and progress!! ❤︎


The Capricornus is such a fishy, yet ever so interesting creature, ain't it? 
Ouch! Those horns are crazy though!

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Awe, why do you want the world to laugh at you though? D:
I think it's pretty good for the first piece of art I've seen from you,
great work dude! I'd love to see more! <3


Hiya there, I'm Deli! :D /

Lovin' drawing and modding, most especially when it involves animals.~
Curious if your character can challenge me in drawing execution? I think not!
Here's a link to my Art thread if you're interested in either
getting your character sketched or if you want quicker responses,
tweet at me, I'll be sure to tell you when I'm on it!

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