Best art, most adorable entry, perfect interpretation, best level of rendition, literally all you can put into a prized entry, I hope she likes it too, AHHHHHHH! <3 <3 <3

COSTUME ( Gunslinger)

TASTE THE RAINBOW! Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood Unicorn-inspired-Gun-slinger-thing.~

COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

Have a shamrockin' new da-- IS THAT A FOUR LEAF CLOVER?!

Awwww! You never said anything about being pretty DARN GOOD at animal art, that’s absolutely adorable Roukirou! Keep up the good work! >:D


I gotta say dude, this is really adorable! :'0
I love how fierce you made my main, perfect form of how I depicted her! <3

and golly, how Vic is so, somehow, in shock, similar to how lifeless a doll is, that's so cool dude! Thank you for your entry! <3

Duuude, that's amazing! :0

That's really nice, ahhHHH keep up the great work! :'D

COSTUME ( Boomeranger)


COSTUME ( Boomeranger)

I guess if your character isn't strange enough, have some burgers! :^)

COSTUME ( Boomeranger)

No description entered

Dude that's amazing!! ;0;
totally wish it wasn't a part of a contest but I'd love to try to make it

No criticism from me! I think it looks perfect as is, and if the devs are opening up another acceptance thread, I'll be sure to expect an acceptance of your ownership! [hoping it's this one though, we need more archeoceratops mods! >:00]

though if anything, I think colour variations? I'm not sure if people would enjoy just one, so I assume more would be in play, but I personally love the original. :3

Dude, this is absolutely amazing! >:D

Mind if I try this, Mau5??? This is adorable as all heck!! <3

*whispers* also, I'd love to see this LL you're suggesting :O

*cough* Just gonna drop this preview image here :3

Good work Charnly!! Will you be adding colour? I’d love to see more progress with more colours! :D

Wooo! nice work Alma! This is dang awesome >:D

Don't worry, 20 questions are way more than the two you're asking, ahaha!

I think you mean within the History of Trovesaurus, because it doesn't really upload to Trovetools, but rather, Trovetools looks at the history of Trovesaurus, thus, you can freely download from there, but it'll still affect the downloads on Trovesaurus. If you'd like to update your mod from here, all you need to do is add another download! Trovetools needs a manual update on downloading though, just in case you rely on Trovetools to subscribe to your downloads. I might not have the exact answers, but that's the general thought to that, the best to confront about it within deeper discussion would be either Etaew or Dazo! :D

Forgot to press enter lel, but anyways, if you reupload it the same way you did the first time, [with the same command in game,] it should connect back to each other unless you deleted the mod on steam, I cannot confirm this since I've never actually updated any of my mods, but definitely I recommend confronting Evilagician about it, or maybe other users that also use the Steam workshop more effectively than I do, either way, I can't wait for the update! Keep up the amazing work! >:D

Looks really good! I think the pink color is a little really bright, but if that can be trimmed down to be subtle pink, or pastel pink, I think that'd work really well, other than that though overall that looks really neat!! >:000

This is really well put, GW! Great work, I love the subjective interpretation of how the book would behave, that's really cool! >:D

If this was a reference to "Baby, it's cold outside," god you're a genius. <3

Hope you caught the clue why that fish was drawn. :^)

Don’t worry dude, even if you’re not good at drawing on PC, it’s still an effort to gain the gratefulness Ro has for you, for at the very least giving him something to feel warm over his donation, I’m sure he’s overjoyed!! <3

Wish it was a coloured piece though, that'd be so beautiful, though then again, black and white pieces are also quite interesting :3c


Hiya there, I'm Deli! :D /

Lovin' drawing and modding, most especially when it involves animals.~
Curious if your character can challenge me in drawing execution? I think not!
Here's a link to my Art thread if you're interested in either
getting your character sketched or if you want quicker responses,
tweet at me, I'll be sure to tell you when I'm on it!

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