That's so cuuuuuute! :'0

Nice work on upping the Fabulousness of SH! :D

Also, congrats on your modder role! 

Duuuude, great work on that animation! That's so smooth! :0c


" Sprinkle, Sparkly, Super Baby Unicorn! "
- Shinylicious


" Well, I mean, it's bound to reach Trove at some point! :^) "
- Pancakeylicious


" It's EGG-o-licious! "
- My gosh I'm old

But most of your entries were valid?

I'll be frank, that's absolutely creative! Rare that anyone highlighted his creations, but overall, this is a nice appreciation gift to what he's contributed to the community-- I'm sure he'll love it! :D

Drawing in Paint is pretty difficult -- I commend thee! That's pretty good! :D

This is a pretty good piece! Although, it feels like it needs a space filler, maybe?
If you could add some confetti or overall include TheSymbol's mount, maybe that'd definitely spice things up. :0c

These are entirely optional suggestions for future improvement though!
Other than that, keep up the good work, and keep being the best you that you can be! :D


" Poor Qubesly, he's been blessed with eggy cuteness! "
- Mythica-licious


" He may never be able to fly, but his aspiration will bring his hopes a reality. "


The name is a work in progress, ahaha!
If you have any suggestions, it would help! :D

I think it looks pretty awesome! It's a good comfort zone to reach out of, to think Pinata People were even animate, that's a pretty difficult area to tackle, that's a lot of flakes to deal with! D:
But I gotta say, that's a good direction, now that's a pretty challenging idea to tackle! >:3c

Keep up the good work Hero, and keep up your style! it's a pleasing design to keep, and I hope you keep being the best you, that you can be! \:D/

I think the only thing that makes me question this entry is the fact that it was a little oversexualized before the fix. Please be mindful this is a site where youngin' individuals can look around and be influenced.

Other than that, my only criticism for possible improvement is to add maybe, sensible underwear for her? I can see that the dress is partly transparent, maybe have some undergarments to at least show proper protection so that she can actually go into battle without being slashed as soon as she sets foot outside?

Other than that, keep up the good work! and if you have references, I hope you can include them in the description so its easier to see where your inspiration and help comes from. :D

I like this entry, mainly because I love how you highlighted the crossover realm that this competition was trying to aim -- most especially in your own form.
Even with simple shapes and designs, you nailed trying to accomplish keeping together the composure of the crossover, and it definitely looks like a great reference for a future modder out there to try out the concept!
Keep up the good work, and keep being the best you, that you can be! <3

Ayyy! Inspiration does strike at the best of times, also, this was asked to be reposted! :D

You should totally make this! Seems like a possibility!

COSTUME ( Chloromancer)

" Kami-- are what now? Souls of previous inhabitants of Neon City? Dang, that's spooky! "
- Spoopilicious

COSTUME ( Boomeranger)

" You get a pinata, you get a pinata, and YOU get a pinata! "
- Richlicious [I wish]

COSTUME ( Gunslinger)

" The party never stops when the guns got shots! "
- Partylicious


"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna SCREEE--!!"
- Hypelicious

COSTUME ( Lunar Lancer)

" A hunter of the Everdark, armored to the bone-- fur fading into the abyss... "

COSTUME ( Knight)

" Where, oh where, will the end of the rainbow be? Who knows, I just need to find that pot 'o gold! "
- Curiouslicious

COSTUME ( Fae Trickster)

" We're SOARING, FLYYYING, there's not a clover in rainbows we can't see! "
- Ol' Delicious

Hiya there, I'm Deli! :D /

Lovin' drawing and modding, most especially when it involves animals.~
Curious if your character can challenge me in drawing execution? I think not!
Here's a link to my Art thread if you're interested in either
getting your character sketched or if you want quicker responses,
tweet at me, I'll be sure to tell you when I'm on it!

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