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quick doodle and adjustment!

me and my friend momocow01 get some rest under the tree

Auryms Tale

Etaew March 6, 2019 1 14

Aurym, Keeper of Histories has been tracking down some of the main questions that you Trovians have been dying to know. 

She's gone through a lot of redesign I have no idea if she's still part of Trove . but atleast she still based on Lunar Lancer nyoo ! !   

What happened in the Tradeables room of the Chaos Chest. These rambunctious raptors have gone too far! Time to put an end to their crimes!

a moonwing over the moon

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Well, i just tried to make a Dragon, i am not really into it those things, and this is like my second try ever to make a voxel model, but atleast i tried :pax:
Also, i started working on it a bit after the first Geode update, but then i stopped working at it, but then i've found it again in some folders, so i decided to continue it.

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Was actually for starwars x Trove contest last year, Just decided to finish it now. 

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Lancer of the Hydrakken Costumes: Lunar Lancer

Erimatra's Emissary Costumes: Dracolyte

Part of the Dracolegion collaboration, in which my Dracolyte is based on the dragon Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark. Had a lot of fun working on this and seeing the collab come to fruition :D Enjoy!