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From now on the PvP-Arena is reached with the yellow portal. (not red portal anymore)

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Posing Podium RC 11.2

Ramses_TRJ (PC) April 21, 2017 45 views Club: Ramses Castle

There is news again! Finaly Dami and me met to build again!

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Celebratory Pinataparty!

Ramses_TRJ (PC) February 12, 2017 82 views Club: Ramses Castle

It's Partytime! Today sunday feb. 12th about 6pm GMT at the Pinatapool!

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Maintower (rebuild) RC 11.0

Ramses_TRJ (PC) February 11, 2017 56 views Club: Ramses Castle

today we had a makeover of the Mainbuilding

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Scavenger hunt!

Ramses_TRJ (PC) February 4, 2017 96 views Club: Ramses Castle

Thanks for participating! I hope it has been as much fun for you hunting, as it has been for me creating. (Find the hint in this article!)

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Big celebratory Party

Ramses_TRJ (PC) December 11, 2016 64 views Club: Ramses Castle

We just had the biggest Pinata party in this clubs history!

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Be happy! We got a pool! (RC 10.10)

Ramses_TRJ (PC) November 27, 2016 92 views Club: Ramses Castle

Thanks to Damianus, we got some "minor" changes in the Maincastle

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Discord Chanal

Ramses_TRJ (PC) November 12, 2016 94 views Club: Ramses Castle

We are testing out a Discord chanel!

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Club Map

Ramses_TRJ (PC) November 7, 2016 73 views Club: Ramses Castle

Just a little map to find your way in the Main Castle...

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