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twices are falling again: down to 5 f ea

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I might have missed the Deadline, but Happy Birthday anyways ;)

From now on the PvP-Arena is reached with the yellow portal. (not red portal anymore)

There is news again! Finaly Dami and me met to build again!

Club: Ramses Castle

Thanks to everybody for joining the party today!
We had about 1500 Pinatas, thanks for your donations!

It's Partytime! Today sunday feb. 12th about 6pm GMT at the Pinatapool!

Club: Ramses Castle

today we had a makeover of the Mainbuilding

Club: Ramses Castle

Thanks for participating! I hope it has been as much fun for you hunting, as it has been for me creating. (Find the hint in this article!)

Club: Ramses Castle

GZ to all the other Winners!

and THX

We just had the biggest Pinata party in this clubs history!

Club: Ramses Castle

Thanks to Damianus, we got some "minor" changes in the Maincastle

Club: Ramses Castle

For a permanent link to our discord server pls send a request to Ramses_TRJ or Damianus or look at the Member information wall in Club (yard of the maincastle) or read it in the clubdisciption on trove.


There are many titles and subtitles on this page, most of them are not translated (at least not into german). Thats a thing most of the older players could do and would be helpfull to youngerones.

like on  "Today in trove" or at the "Community apps"

just for some examples...

We are testing out a Discord chanel!

Club: Ramses Castle

Just a map to find your way in the maincastle

Just a little map to find your way in the Main Castle...

Club: Ramses Castle

Renewel of our ostentatious street to the Tradepost, Clubportalroom and some minor changes ;)

Club: Ramses Castle

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It's the 4th expansion of our trphyhalls...

Club: Ramses Castle

Free Class Coin

Before you reach Mastery 20 by using Ramses_TRJ's Refer-A-Friend Code


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