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Posted on: The 22 artists drawn by Mau5y (make sure you zoom in the picture) art

liked this! aHh youre the best! This is so adorable!1  

Posted on: Press "E" to activate the cursed skulls! art

aHHhh Thank you!! ;u;; 

Posted on: bunny's atlas! art

AWW, thanks so much Deli! You just made my day! <3

Posted on: Rouki x Kiro :-) art

Aww, thanks! <3 that gave me a really good idea too... ;)

Posted on: Rouki x Kiro :-) art

Hehe I'm glad you like it! <3

Posted on: it's cold outside art

Ahhha it was! I'm glad someones figured it out <3

Posted on: Dino Tamer Rouki! art

Thank you! <3 :)

Posted on: Knights of the Highlands art

Wowww this is really nice! I love the color choices. :D