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Posted on: Cosmic Blade Melee creation

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Posted on: Cosmic Blade Melee creation


The sword looks interesting, but please do keep in mind that there are over 900 swords in game so a melee style would need to be exceptional to get in.

You have some very curious material mapping going on, that could be a good thing, but overall design needs some balancing.

At the moment your Blade is completely made out of glass, while pommel has solid blocks together with red-green-blue-yellow colors that are not present on the blade. That makes it feel almost as if blade and pommel belong to two different swords, and while the blade could fit in Shadow theme, pommel is much closer to Neon.

Another thing, it could be worth it to add some more volume to the blade, or do something with the shape of it just so it feels more unusual and special.

Also, if you decide to turn this sword into an Axe that could give it more chances too since there are significantly fewer axes than swords.

Im going to set a status of this one back to Active while you make some adjustments to design. If you d wish to work on something completely different you could set this one to Draft. That will free up your Creation slot and hide this post from public Active list.

Ps. Please try to make some better quality screenshots, may be its the fault of imgur or other image hosting site, but screenshots you have in the post are of very low quality. As for files, you d need to upload .blueprint of your creation, not the .qb file, and it should be named styletype_stylename[CreatorsName].blueprint, or as in this case sword_cosmic_blade[CyberNova07].blueprint

PPs. /wp command does weird things, its safer to mod sword in. as, put the blueprint of your sword in Trove/Live/Blueprints/Override folder and name it with a filename of a sword that is already in game. equipment_weapon_1h_sword_001 for example is a file name of Chipped Sword style.

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Thank you for making awesome things!

As for the post, yeah, if you set it as Draft it will be gone from public view. I could delete it completely if you d wish.

Posted on: creation


For every creation that gets in game creators get some Credits and a special hat unlocked. If you dont have that unlocked on your account, please let me know :)

And Congratulations on getting your style in! Sorry it took a long time, should take less time from now on.

Posted on: Love Boat mod


aww thanks :D

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Posted on: creation


This is a very fun idea, and well made too :D However, it would seem this spear is already in game? https://trovesaurus.com/style/equipment_weapon_1h_spear_267[symphoniae] Its in collections under Spears > Highlands, second on the list :)

Have you not received rewards for it?

Posted on: The falling Heros Of Long ago Dungeon (1 Star) creation

You can edit your posts instead of making new ones if you are posting same dungeon anyway. That approach at least keeps the comments.

Short feedback room by room:

Fall_Hero_entrance - has vfx and DNT decorations
Fall_Hero2_entrance - ok
Fall_Hero3_entrance - has no monsters
Fall_Hero4_entrance - ok

Fall_Hero_Gameplay_Room - no monsters
Fall_Hero2_Gameplay_Room - good room layout, but a bit too many spikes and no monsters
Fall_Hero3_Gameplay_room - looks very royal! may be a bit too much lava
Fall_Hero4_Gameplay_Room - has vfx, passages might be too tight

Fall_Hero_Boss_Room - has vfx, last time when you shown this i said one vfx block could be alright because it fits so nicely. 3 is too much
Fall_Hero2_Boss_Room - ok
Fall_Hero3_Boss_Room - ok
Fall_Hero4_Boss_Room - ok

Dungeon file,

Blueprint = Fall_Hero3_Gameplay_Room
Quantity = 3
Weight = 0.5

Quantity = 3 means that room can spawn 3 times. You keep increasing Quantity together with variation number, you do not need to do that. While it does not break anything in this dungeon, doing that with more complex structures would be a disaster.


The way it is done now, lair only has 4 possible ways to spawn (as if you only had 4 rooms) while you have 16 rooms. Like i said before, rooms should be able to replace each other. If there is only one option there is no reason to separate rooms.
Only your Variation 3 has different layout (stairs to the sides) , all other rooms have same layout meaning they could work together. As, all entrances could work with all gameplay rooms. If you at least make that work i would have no further objections about variations.

A player approaching the dungeon should expect some element of surprise, with your current design players would know exactly what are they going to see.

Also as a general design note, it would seem you are using various in-game elements as structures. Its fine to certain extent, but it would be better if dungeon had its personal unique appearance.

Back to Active for now.

Posted on: the collector's outpost / Chain eye Dungeon (1 Star) creation

Looking good, approved!

Posted on: the collector's outpost / Chain eye Dungeon (1 Star) creation

Oh and also, there is no need at all to screenshot every corner of a dungeon. 3-5 images showing assembled variations and possibly a couple of other nice shots would be sufficient enough. Pretty sure it says so in the guide too.

Although if you want so yourself, you are welcomed to post as many screenshots as you d like, just saying its not required.

Posted on: the collector's outpost / Chain eye Dungeon (1 Star) creation


Looks like its finally getting there, good job! Variations are looking good, they spawn as they should, every player should be able to reach the boss, very nice :)

Two very minor things:

- There are no monster spawns throughout the lair, only in boss rooms. please add some possible monster spawns to the surface bits too

- In boss rooms you have a chess-board pattern on the floor and that could be seriously annoying to fight the boss in. Making those holes with dangerous liquids 2x2 and more spread around the room (instead of 1x1 and all in the middle) could work. Making holes deeper and covering them with glass (left corner of image) could work too.

Back to active for a tiny bit.

Posted on: Entrellian ruins Dungeon (1 Star) creation

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