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Created: December 15, 2017

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back from trips! I always prefer cities with neon lights :3

Tfw when a bunch of Shadow Casters gang up on you lol

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friends' Trovey characters!! Happy valentine's day! 앤캐타찌채고존엄하다^q^

Haven't done any Trove art in a while, so this was a nice opportunity to do some!

Man, I wish I was a Tomb Raiser...

I hope this one doesn't get noted :C

I dodged 13 times and it didn't work - also, I laughed a lot, knight's dodge motion was too hilarious

Neon city x Luminopolis with NN

Wow!!! It's already the time to say goodbye to 2018!I had so much fun here with all of you. To thank you all, I've drawn Trovesaurus artists (I actually started it long time ago, but I gave up in the middle)I put much effort in it, so I really hope you wi

I'm so sorry that I couldn't draw some of them - it's already A5 sized canvas, it might kill my coumputer if it gets bigger... Anyways, I wanted to surprise other artists. Happy new year guys!! >:3

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