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[Eng/Swe] Shitty player learning the game

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Created: December 15, 2017
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Posted on Flight art

If you like neon lights then you should go to tokio xD

Posted on Lore Week page

I want to know lore about...


2.How biomes are created

3.Luxions Lore.

Posted on Lore Week page

1.Shadow Giants.They got mission from long-dead king to get at least one trovian for their experiment.

2.Dragons.About dragons you could only hear about them in stories but now you can see them almost on every player and you can obtain them with their favorite thing....COINS,but special coins and they are called Dragon Coins,you can obtain them with your glory!

3.Todstorm.He is servant for his master and that is Dautgher of the Moon,but todstorm still waits to stab knife in her back so he can rule the whole world of trove.

Etaew Mustache Enthusiast
7 months ago


Thanks for your votes

Posted on happy happy new year! art


@MochaMint in next art please draw me if you have time xD

Posted on happy happy new year! art

I want to be on that art :(


@MochaMint in next art please draw me if you have time xD

Posted on Mushroom King art

You still have time to draw another one

Posted on beside From Shadow art

im feeling like there is no bone in his/her left arm but the art is incredible


that because the costume he use

Posted on Bim Bomb Boom art

Happened to me a lot of times...

Posted on Red Hot Wings giveaway

Good Luck guys,I hope i win instead of somone who got almost all wings...

Posted on Etaew Plush art

I wan't to order that


Posted on No. 37 : Carry Me Under Your Wing - Tales of the Virus Comic art

Is that neon ninja class you use? (main)

Posted on Jelotls art

You really are the master in this

Posted on art

Posted on Morticusfest page

Results a bit late.

Etaew Mustache Enthusiast
1 year ago


Posted on Lunar Gimper art

Deepinsideofme,Im sad for your art.

But i really liked this one XD





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