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It was in that moment, no longer was this just an ordinary bunny. The second that loaf of fluff spotted that glorious weapon, life as we knew it was over. Whether it be the will of the Heavens or just a merry accident that this bunny come accross this bow

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Ever wonder how Rowdy got his name? Even as a puppy, this dog was trouble with a capital T!

My inital scan didn't show all the shading, so I tried to layer them, it wouldn't let me upload that, so I'm posting the not so great shadowed one. 

Thank you, Delicious! 

While my art is a little hobby, writting is what I'm known for. 

Just a simple mushroom from the Medieval Highlands biome done entirely out of magazine cutouts, because I had nothing better to do with my morning. 

Thank you very much! 

This otter is out of this world, literally! Everything I do is hand drawn, because I'm old fashion like that. 

Not all warriors are male, and in this game, I find a lack of female 'umph,' so I've made one. 

Sitting high up on the bookshelf sits an angry and very hungry cat, filled with anger that her owner has once again forgotten to fill her dish before leaving. This time, she won't just bat a paw and forget about it, no, this time, she's got an ally. 

It's been said, that deep, deep down in the fiery pits of the Igneous Islands, swims a rainbow backed reptile named the Rainbow-Shelled Turtleling. Lure has it that if you tempt it with a soil crawling insect, it just may bite long enough for you to sneak


23 year old mom who likes to game sometimes to escape from the stress of everyday life. 


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