Good Luck Every1 c: ^^

So, firstable I started to see in this page when TeeKayM Created Sageosaurus mount! ^^.

And it was fantastic because I was a new player in Trove and also in this page!. So after that I started to see what the page had, and I saw wonderful things in this page and I like it!

So I started to login here and after that I was interested about how to make a good SH build DPS and I saw that there was a lot of opinions about how to make it, for that right now I have a good SH build dps, if i didn't found this page, I wouldn't have a good SH! And thats not all ^^.

This page have a lot of things #-# it have Giveaways, Databases, Opinions about the game, news, etc. ^^ it's the most pare fan in trove that I have never se en before! I really like it! Ty all designers of this page ^^.



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