I fully agree. Kill 500 specific enemies that only show up during the event in a certain biome? No thank you. Complete 100 dungeons? F*ck no. 

Finally, a quest line without unrealistic goals and actual rewards. 

Gee Trion, keep on shooting Completionists in the foot. See how your core audience reacts. 

Grossly too much effort once again. Miss me with this quest

Sweet jesus I hope I win, it's been so long since I won and after hours upon hours of grinding I got only 1 egg frag for this one. 

The only item I got was overpriced and absolute garbage. The Shooting Snowfest Star is terrible. The model is terrible and the animations are re-used from the rocket prototype mount, not even any custom VFX. I got it for mastery but boy it's not worth 100 dragon coins. It would hardly be worth more than 20 dragon coins. 

You literally get a turd for this quest. God Trion is just insulting their fanbase at this point. Giving us literal shit for tedious tasks. If only they were more like Trovesaurus who actually puts effort into this game. 

Important notice: Tethering will be removed. It was nearly unanimously negative feedback on the very concept, as well as the poor implementation. It was filled with bugs and had no business being on any public release of the game, and will be removed in future updates. 

You're doing a tremendous job! I come here weekly to enter giveaways and read updates and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. 

Ah yeah, they updated it. I was confused because it said the article was completed thanks to the contributors, but they updated it already. Gotta say it's horribly underwhelming again. Nothing worthwhile. 

So what's the last reward? It's not a complete article... 

I'm stoked to finally see the mastery rank increase, I can't wait for the new rewards it will offer! Especially the dragon effigy... As for some changes, like the ring changes, they leave me skeptical. Trion has a tendency to... change things without taking the community or economy into account. It has happened with the Chaos chests, dragon coins, adventure mounts, corgis and cats, a lot of things that drove the economy at one point. Nevertheless Trove usually finds a way to get back on its feet. 

I also did almost miss the new biome by the way! It was weirdly formatted while it should be more of a topic, rather than a line under framework. It might also be hinting at a new class making its way to the game soon, no? Seeing how all classes are linked to a certain biome. Unless it's the Lunar Lancer's biome which just raises some more questions in my mind. 

And thank the lord for plasma fishing! I see no reason why this took ages from a design perspective.. Good to see our (relatively) new lead game designer intends to make good on his promises! Same with ringcrafting I suppose. These are some of the longer issues Trove has suffered from, I hope they'll also open up some long-standing bugs that have yet to be fixed. 

Hot damn I wanna win this one, that mount is AWESOME

Some interesting upcoming items in here. Can't wait for Halloween! 

How does one get this item?

Most likely, I'm stoked to see it

Been a while since I got a streamers dream, hope I get one. Good luck to other applicants though

Good luck people, pray to C'bthulhu for better odds :)

Any of these would make me happy, gl to everyone! Also, happy Cakeday Aino!

Damn, last minute I came here to enter, gl to all! It's a great prize

Already have it so I won't participate, good luck to those who enter though. 

Finally, a quest with something of value and no endless grind every tier. Thanks Trovesaurus! Thanks to you documenting these quests I want to do them. 

 Good luck people. And bon apetit :D

It's like the devs are testing the community by giving crappier rewards every new quest. This is where I draw the line. This is a horrendous grind for pretty much nothing. 

find*, chocolate*, also it would help if you specified which dragon. 


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