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Created: November 21, 2017
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"I keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean". Share cake ! o/ :cake:

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"Happy Birthday Etaew! Hope your special day soars to the skies." ~Commander Vitus

Yay art gift , this time be SkyRider3217! Is a Revenant;s named Auru by SkyRider. used to seeing Auru in SkyVirus style , kinda feel weird making this :/ . Anyway , hope you like it ! \o/.

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Recently switched to Blender so I've been playing with it for the last month or so...

I have seen a lot of beautiful lineless art and it hard to do ;w;

The old story of Candy Barbarian taking an adventure to get a sweet dessert

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*Looks better when zoomed in

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beep boop ! happy cubey making some useful mods ! Hope you like it o7





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