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Created: November 21, 2017
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Fortunately, someone recognizes him.

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Thank you for the praise of the master.
Your work is amazingly cute.

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Hoppet grabbed the aura of the protagonist.

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i am not the only one.

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Haha... A certain age of talent knows who she is...

Just seeing the moon, I want to paint her.

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你说的没错!! 我真的是想画成像卡比.... 画技不如人~只能恶搞了...

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耶耶耶~有高手回覆我!!  谢谢你的爱~~~

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I am very happy that the work can make you feel
Thank you for your reply

In fact, I pictured her as "Perona" (One Piece) in the first place ...
But my paintings are so bad.After painting that ugly so give up

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The story got the code to post inbox collar

here : inbox


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Thank you

I have lovely clothes to wear

I'm glad there are not too many people to join
Otherwise I will not get it


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Thank you...

I have cool clothes to wear

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My brother told me
There is a free ride

Hope to see everyone happy ... just fine





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