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Building a Cornerstone - Art Contest

Etaew January 1, 2019 13 17

Continuing with our theme of Trove activities this month we'd like to focus artists on showing their characters building their cornerstone.

Geodian Home - Build Contest Highlights

Evilagician October 10, 2018 0 1

The past two weeks we hosted another building contest, this time the topic is creating your own Geodian home. Thanks to builders who created these awesome builds.

This abandoned mine rests faraway from the safety of the Sunseeker Spire in the Cerise Sandsea, weathered by the harsh climate of Geode. Some say that it contains a meteor originally from Trove. What unspeakable horrors lie in its depths?

/joinworld Gleaming Radiance and use the green portal to see it ingame.

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It is a simple design with only one floor but it has everything a guardian might need, including an elevator to get up there. 

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                                             A home for a guardian provides crafting and a nice view.          &nbs

Heyo!  this is a Geodian styled cornerstone fused with modern architecture that i normally do, Here are some more angles with some labeling of to make sure viewers understand the build, please don't mind the ground color since I couldn

While building original large structures may not be my forté, I enjoy the interior decoration aspect of building much more! So I decided to challenge myself with a tight, oddly shaped structure like the companion egg. More Screenshots below:

Geodian Home - Build Contest

Etaew September 25, 2018 0 5

It's time for us to host another building contest, this time the topic is creating your own Geodian home. We ask builders to create and submit screenshots of their builds for a home for their character, their companion, or both.

Recently switched to Blender so I've been playing with it for the last month or so...