Yeah updated whole build thanks for the comment

Great feature will also help people looking for their first language, - club :)

why not connect both ? :D 

Community keeps this game alive thats the best thing about game, also clubs which gives a possibility to create your own group and play together

U Killed me ♥.♥

Good Luck RINALINKO <3


Perfect :D

Creation made by Rinaly and DizzyPhysics

Second Gimp Art >.<

Hello, thats my first art made in gimp :D



The idea of making builders club spotlight is very nice,

Builders who spent hundreds of hours in the clubworld buildin can now be noticed by people.

How about making a some kind of trophy to clubworld page in trovesaurus for winning :D idk ...

I would like to see medieval and space themes in new club  spotlight :)      


Good Luck :)


Modern and lot more it counts for grey perfectly C:


The Cloud Citadel

/joinworld 1674522454067758799


/joinworld the cloud citadel



Made by - DizzyPhysics

Map Record - Dekal: 365

I love that one ! E>


that chicken <33

I've decided to build this cornerstone neon ninja and modern themed because i like both :D

Voted: Boomeranger

I think u should change tag from summer build contest to trove 1 year anniversary ;)

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