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Delifest - Results

Etaew March 8, 2018 0 6

Thanks for taking part in our Delifest contest this year, here are the results from [user=Delicious].

Gonna Be Changing This When The Luminopolis Patch Comes Out!

As I've read the backstory of this character, I've put up a liiiiiittleeeee detail to showcase it. :PHope you guys enjoy!!

the Incredible mod by Anibaal!!

Ever wanted breakfast in bed, but are to lazy to get up? Well, good news for you science has advanced!! Stay in bed while breakfast comes to U with the new Flyin' Toaster!

Its a Dino, its a Frog, ITS A CAPRICORN!!.. since i heard Deli *planning* on re-design her.. imma just inpetrate the way i did and hope she didn't mind :3/

"That must be an interesting story."

Permafrost - Art Results

Etaew March 2, 2018 0 4

Thanks for taking part in our Permafrost biome contest, here are the results from our guest judges SkyTheVirus and Ainogommon.

Meanwhile. . i got demotivated while half of the work. "i wouldn't make it" "i think i should work on something else" i said. 3 hours remaining, motivation suddenly struck me like my grade on math. jk im good at math. not that good. but still good.

A snow globe with Permafrost biome scene.

No description entered

 "All right, where should we go?"

No description entered

wait wha....female sheep don't have horns!?

 It looks really cool, doesn’t it? (n’∀’)η゚*。:*!

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