0.05% chance? LMAO. Is that the fragment drop-rate?

Anyway GL to all

Last wave code send, from now on I'll be dead for weeks +, gotta enjoy entries clogged

I'll be back on 4th Dec, feel free to submit entries. I'll check it out later after I'm free ASAP.


Also Good luck best wish o/

20 code left until event finished GL

60 codes + sent, still 3 days left, gl to everyone b4 my code ran out

depended on a piece of work, I tend to look at fan art more than coloring, but yeah I just looking for the one that "impressed" me

I'll send a code to participants each day so don't worry if I'm going to send it at end of the promo.

Also for the extra, if you really did a great job on the piece of work. I would tip you a Wyntegra code [Glacial shard dragon]

now it does, just update your :P

added clip to description box, check ettt out

I really wish the site able to let us translate all parts and article page.

check out forums post, I did put some vid for it

I see you put my name as creator but uploading w/o asking me for permission I just feel wrong, since this mod wasn't planed to be on trovesaurus and on steam work shop I already gave novuzh a permission to upload my mod, hope you understand this.


Let's see how long this will last? As I officially done with the game.

For me, Trove is like a Love-Hate relationship. Well, that's it :\

From love to hate as soon as I dug deep down and discovered the truth

Ign: Ainogommon
Title: Salty aino


My art storage site. If you want to look at my works, never lowball, most of the stuff I get returned to decent fanart

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