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Created: October 16, 2017

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Drawn using Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop and Mouse(literally). 

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Unfortunately I just realize the contest was about gardening, so I didnt put this one as a contest entry since it might out of what told to ! :'V

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Quick favor ;) Thanks for your awesome work from the passI appreciated those <3

Another year went by. 2018 a year of many peaks and downs. Here is to all the amazing people we met, things we've created and done and a big shout out to all the awesome developers out there, we still miss you guys!

Her Design are just adorable that i decided to continue it from a doodle earlier ! Another Gift for Wyv will come later as my main entry .. !! soon .. >:3

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Adventuring - Art Contest

Etaew December 2, 2018 5 12

Now that we have completed biomes we move on to things you can do in Trove. This first month is all about the first thing we do, adventuring! Draw your characters, or group of characters clearing dungeons or slaying npcs. This should focus on what you do in adventure worlds while leveling up.

Candyfest - Art Contest

Etaew August 1, 2018 0 30

This month we celebrate the biome of Candoria. We're asking Trove fan artists to have a sugar rush and create pieces based on the biome for a chance at Trove goodies.

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Translation Promotion November Request

Etaew November 7, 2016 82 7

Which parts of the site would you like opened to translations? Let us know for a chance to win Trove Rewards.