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"I keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean". Share cake ! o/ :cake:

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"I've made it to the outside world!" ~Jelot

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Mobile Support Weekend

Etaew January 31, 2019 31 16

Leading up to the Crystal Combat update releasing on consoles February 5, we are looking to prepare the site for increased mobile visitors. 1/3 visitors to our site uses their mobile device and so if you visit us regularly this is your chance to help make that experience more pleasant.

Signature : Picasso, the adventurer.PS : Don't be jealous of my building skill, I've been practice color managment and 1D modelisation. So[TOBECONTINUE...]

I can't really draw a pose and a background so..

Building a Cornerstone - Art Contest

Etaew January 1, 2019 13 17

Continuing with our theme of Trove activities this month we'd like to focus artists on showing their characters building their cornerstone.

i really like to farm luminopolis and love when looking for rampage there have a lot people to party and i really have fun with that o/

4 Years of Trovesaurus

Etaew December 17, 2018 26 73

Today we celebrate 4 years of Trovesaurus, we'd like to thank our community for supporting us for all this time and hope you continue to find us a useful resource going forward.

Dieeee Dieee Dieeeeeeee!

I really love opened dungeon

Creepy shadow scyther dude in trove

『I've made a horrible mistake』