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Signature : Picasso, the adventurer.PS : Don't be jealous of my building skill, I've been practice color managment and 1D modelisation. So[TOBECONTINUE...]

I can't really draw a pose and a background so..

Building a Cornerstone - Art Contest

Etaew January 1, 2019 9 12

Continuing with our theme of Trove activities this month we'd like to focus artists on showing their characters building their cornerstone.

i really like to farm luminopolis and love when looking for rampage there have a lot people to party and i really have fun with that o/

4 Years of Trovesaurus

Etaew December 17, 2018 26 72

Today we celebrate 4 years of Trovesaurus, we'd like to thank our community for supporting us for all this time and hope you continue to find us a useful resource going forward.

Dieeee Dieee Dieeeeeeee!

I really love opened dungeon

Creepy shadow scyther dude in trove

『I've made a horrible mistake』


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That's what you get for assuming a creature's classification in these parts. Next time, watch where you tread AND what you say...The residents here have a very short temper here, in the Jurassic Jungle.

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