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COSTUME ( Chloromancer)

" Kami-- are what now? Souls of previous inhabitants of Neon City? Dang, that's spooky! "
- Spoopilicious


Was doing it for fun \o/, hope you will like it


This mod turns the Cycle of the Master into a miniature (but not less powerful) motobike!


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Mod Collaboration Spotlight July 3, 2017

SkyTheVirus July 3, 2017 0 4

When great modders come together, they create magnificent things for the community to play with. Check out what's been going on in the modders community.

Llamafest Art / Mod / Story Results

Evilagician May 8, 2017 0 1

Thanks everyone for taking part in our Llamafest Art / Mod and Story contest, we have the results ready to share.



Etaew March 31, 2017 6 24

Llamafest is a Trovesaurus hosted event where we celebrate all things Llama. Take part in our giveaways and contests for a chance to receive one of the little balls of cuteness.

St. Qubeslick's Day Mod Contest - Results

Evilagician March 29, 2017 0 3

Thanks everyone for taking part in the St. Qubeslick's Day Mod Contest, this article will highlight the entries for the modders.


Loading screen with Qubesly horde!!!

Golden Sands Creation Results

Etaew February 4, 2017 3 4

Thanks everyone for taking part in our Golden Sands combined contest, this article will focus on the entries and winners for the creations portion of the contest. Thanks to the moderators at /r/TroveCreations on working with us for this contest.


Overlord ventured into the Golden Sands, but his 6k PR did not prepare him for the enemies of the Golden Sands. Special Thanks to Modders B_Y3ll0w and Galeneos for letting me use their awesome Golden Sands Mods!

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