Hey, folks! With Gamescom taking a decent chunk of time and with summer coming to a close things are going to get pretty hectic, so I'm taking some vacation time.

Greetings, Trovians! We’re back with our latest livestream on Friday, August 17 at 12:30 PM PDT. It should be a fun show as we prepare to take off for Gamescom this weekend. Come for the knowledge but stay for the giveaways!

Remember those dark days when no one knew where to find Luxion? Well, let the sunshine in again as he has returned from paternity leave and is ready to get down to business! To help you take advantage of his visit you’ll also save 50% off Greater Dragon Caches all this week!

Thanks for taking part in our ExoDave contest, we've had the results in and are ready to present them for you.

Hey folks. We know everyone has questions and concerns regarding the recent extended downtime for the PC. We're very happy to have Trove back online and our Customer Support team continues the work of cleaning up the damage done by a handful of players with bad intentions.

Trovians, rejoice! Twitch Drops are back for this week’s livestream so link your Twitch and Trion accounts so you can unlock your very own Trovian Magic Carpet!

Every year our amazing players step up and help Trion Worlds raise money for a tremendous cause: Extra Life, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program! We can’t begin to thank you enough for all these years of support. You’ve really helped us help the kids!

Total Mastery: 343
Trove Mastery: 338
Geode Mastery: 5