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I write the code behind the Trovesaurus website. Mustache enthusiast, Kiwi protector.

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I forgot to resize the thumbnail image and ended up with this blurry piece :'p . . ahh . . my bad ! . Im happy how it turn out tho ! . :pizza:

what do jiang shis and gunslingers have in common? they hop.

"Let the skies tear open and rain fire"

hi! I'm back to playing trove after many months! ;0 life has been heccin busy

Day 4 (Roasted) of my Inktober drawings that was related to trove. Might have interpreted wrong from the theme but I thought of fire for this one.

InkTrover Day 8th: Star(fire)

No description entered

No description entered

Link to the previous cartoon from the last year ->

They're moving in herds... They do move in herds.

With pumpkin color! >:33

Okay, so for today's prompt, Double. It was a struggle, cause there were many things I wanted to try to accomplish as of that prompt, but based off the temptation to colour it more, I had to limit myself to lesser colours. Sure, the [collection=

almost forgot to upload it...

..before the THUNDER!

That's what you get for assuming a creature's classification in these parts. Next time, watch where you tread AND what you say...The residents here have a very short temper here, in the Jurassic Jungle.

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