Greetings Earthlings, I am your superior, er.. Dragon... Raptor... Thing!

SporeCreature (PC) 1 hour ago


Here's the last large build for a while. Hope you enjoy!

CDM135 (PC) 6 hours ago


Just a simple mushroom from the Medieval Highlands biome done entirely out of magazine cutouts, because I had nothing better to do with my morning. 

GoodWitch94 (PC) 8 hours ago


meet my shadow hunter oc Kiro! best known for having a terrible aim but a wonderful smile :3

Roukirou (PC) 22 hours ago


Hope you caught the clue why that fish was drawn. :^)

Delicious (PC) 2 days ago


The workers come to assist the queen in defending the hive!

FlooFlop (PC) 2 days ago


For the reason as of why it was called "Fulguras, the Lightning" without the blade, ask the Trove Wiki! :^)

Delicious (PC) 3 days ago


Now I want some chicken...

Pasteis (PC) 3 days ago


Looking for Deep Sea Dragon!!! =┏(・ω・)┛

mau5head (PC) 3 days ago


Le jumpy knight!Idk what to write okay? xD...I moved to a different paint program ^o^

Arisuin (PC) 4 days ago


My first DOTM sketch... The second is boring e.e

KousBuki (PC) 4 days ago


This otter is out of this world, literally! Everything I do is hand drawn, because I'm old fashion like that. 

GoodWitch94 (PC) 4 days ago


For funs, not so much the reward. I really did enjoyed making this robotic Lionfish.

SkyTheVirus (PC) 4 days ago


No description entered

KousBuki (PC) 4 days ago


"Birthday gift" art of [mod=5743] for [user=23761]~I'm around 2 days late but I hope you had a great birthday! ;v;

WyvernWarrior223 (PC) 6 days ago



I write the code behind the Trovesaurus website.

A guy who likes mustaches on his characters, adores the Kiwi ally, and may randomly hug!


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