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Mustache enthusiast. I write the code behind the Trovesaurus website.

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This mod turns Nukti, Daughter of Nanuknini into a savvy small seafarer who will never mislead you!

My least favourite holiday... and Selene hates it, too. Pink is the worst colour in my opinion, and there's too much of it on this page for me. xD

A gift for a [user=MagicMate]! Keep doing a great job, you! ♥

friends' Trovey characters!! Happy valentine's day! 앤캐타찌채고존엄하다^q^

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I had no idea what to call this. >.<

Costumes ( Chloromancer)

" Kami-- are what now? Souls of previous inhabitants of Neon City? Dang, that's spooky! "
- Spoopilicious

Just moved to a new house! It's so cold that I can see my breath here, but I love it! :D

A picture of Sabrina, my new Fae. This will be my new Fae character from now on. 


Selene, my Ice Sage, picks yet another fight with Tori, my Boomeranger. But everything doesn't quite go as planned.

My Fae Trickster in her Ice Cold garb.

It's a picture of my Ice Sage standing over a snowy cliff with a PVP banner in her hand.I was thinking about the old TDM and CTF PVP modes, and how I met various PVP legends like ThePresence and Rayfz while I was there. I always wanted to honour their leg

Thank you so much for your New Year's feature, _FutureHero_!

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