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Gamer, Streamer, Bot Developer, and Discord Moderator.


PC Artist

"Tried, to get a rise out of magnolia petals but soon scattered them over you."


PC Artist Accepting Commissions

I like to draw some cute pictures, I love cute things and Trove and its OCs :3


PC Trove China Artist

I am a fellow art creator who pursues the games he enjoys and presents his own manga for those games.<3


PC Trove Hong Kong Artist Account Idle Trove Forums Twitter

"They say that time flies, but you keep breaking its wings."


PC Artist

KN 24.8K, DR 22.1K, SH&CB 20K user / Survivor of several crimes.


PC Trove Spain Account Idle Trove Forums Twitter

Streamer Española :D. Pertenezco a TrionCreators y soy la lider del club Bloody Knights. BANANA TIME !

DeliciousDesperate Collector, Art 4 material

PC Trove Philippines Gold Member Artist Modder Accepting Commissions Trove Forums Twitter

Hiya there, I'm Deli! :D /


PC Account Inactive Trove Forums


PC Account Idle Trove Forums

Developer of the TroveTools.NET mod loader for Trove.


PC Trove Thailand Artist Modder

'Unknown artist who lurks in the crack of baked bread, BREAD!'


PC Trove United States Artist Trove Forums

Just a Trove player who wants to keep leveling, enter contests, and draw fanart.


PC Artist Modder Trove Forums

Let's see how long this will last? As I officially done with the game.

SkyTheVirusCommander Vitus

PC Gold Member Artist Modder Accepting Commissions Trove Forums Twitter

I am known as SkyTheVirus... or Commander Vitus. A well known Trove Artist who is also a virus :P jk...

Evilagician<3 Ylva

PC Trove Netherlands Gold Member Artist Modder Trove Forums Twitter

I like to hide stuff for others to find, while i'm building.


I write the code behind the Trovesaurus website.

A guy who likes mustaches on his characters, adores the Kiwi ally, and may randomly hug!


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