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I write the code behind the Trovesaurus website. Mustache enthusiast, Kiwi protector.

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The Trovesaurus site was created as a personal site in October 2014 to hold recipe information for the Trove Alpha, it wasn't used very much.

By December 2014 the Trovesaurus name was suggested by Market and I bought the domain.

The traffic and functionality has been growing in the years since and is available at

We are the primary source for Trove Fan art and Trove Mods, as well as the only place that hosts a full database of game information directly from the client files.

All site development and functionality is written by me, but there are others who contribute in other ways, they are usually credited around that information.

Monthly site updates are usually posted at and more regular changes are noted in the #changes channel of the Trovesaurus Discord.

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