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Etaew PC

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Hello and welcome to my profile!

LuonePC (안녕하십니까 여러분! (Hello guys!))

Hello, I'm Luone who like dragons :D




I'm a Casual Trove player.


Hello all, ask me anything I don't bite :P


Just another trove builder & RPer that loves making Pixel Art! I will be taking art suggestions from you guys if I have the time!


I'm an EndGamer who love collecting things: D
and building ;)

ExoDavePC Modder

Optimization & Utility mods for the Trove community. For a easier play experience.


Hello, I'm a french artist and manager of the french community on trovesaurus!


Just your average TRION Creator, trying to make it In this world. :P I'm also a twitch affiliated streamer.


I make things.. sometimes..



Alexcool13PC Modder


I play a lot... you probably already know me if you play a lot too.


Gamer for decades. Not awesome at any but I love to play!


Créateur du club "Clan La SAUVAGERIE" (En construction).


I just Play Trove Randomly. 


I am the leader of The Club Court of Sushi Dragon Wizards.  If you want an invite, let me know and I need help getting all the dragons.  Thanks!

GeraldzRiviPC Member

very good luck in trovesaurus and trove!!!


The background character to their own story.


Just a guy who loves playing Trove.


 Hey Im jack! If your new to trove use my Referral Key! And Once you get into the game. I can Help you get to the higher levels :) 

Magneticgod XBOX

I am the beast you fear!


Freelancer on graphic design, plays and loves trove dearly, looking forward for a great career and a great time with the Trove Community!


I am a python programmer , a black belt in karate and an artist. I have played this game for over 2 years now and am discovering how much  I love the community and how much fun I have jumping on this game everyday, it never gets boring!! 

GaleneosPC Modder and Artist (Freelancer, I do stuff, but not for free...)

Me friends call me Gizi.


I like to make some art ones in a while, not that it looks good, but just to relax.


Leader of Hell in a cell. Based in South Africa.

AnibaalPC Modder

DeliciousPC Artist (Desperate Collector Offering Art)

Howdy there! I'm Deli~


Hello Trovians and I live in your Midnytemares aka ThunderStruck Clouds.

QuinncePC Artist

Just a Trove player who wants to keep leveling, enter contests, and draw fanart.


Developer of the TroveTools.NET mod loader for Trove.

WyvernWarrior223PC Artist

"History is a ghost story. The past haunts the present in more ways than we realize."

SkyRider3217PC Artist and Modder

Runs the Trove Wiki and is responsible for the new Sageosaurus logos.

SkyTheVirusPC (Commander of the Virus)

I am known as SkyTheVirus... or Commander Vitus. A well known Trove Artist who is also a virus :P jk...

pendkPC Modder

A guy, that enjoys trove, modding and talking to people.

B_Y3LL0WPC Modder

Hi! I'm B_Y3LL0W!

I'm just a guy who loves making stuff.

EvilagicianPC Modder (<3 Ylva)

I like to hide stuff for others to find, while i'm building.

About Etaew

I write the code behind the Trovesaurus website.

Has some weird affiliation with mustaches, and attachment to kiwi. Warning: may randomly hug!


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