Join us this week as we stream from the PS4 for the latest Trove dev livestream! We’ll visit some awesome club worlds so be sure to tweet your favorite club world names (and whether you play on NA or EU servers) to us @TroveGame. Plus, we’ll show off epic player created art, and do giveaways.

Thanks for taking part in our art contest featuring Dopesheet, an Animator on Trove. We have the results from Dope and extra comments are from SkyTheVirus.

Join us this week for the latest Trove dev livestream! There’s a lot to cover so be sure to come hang out with us for the big show. We’ll also visit some awesome club worlds, epic player created art, and do giveaways.

To celebrate Star Wars Day - May the 4th (be with you) we are hosting an art contest featuring Star Wars in the Trove universe. Create some fan art for a chance at some Trove goodies.

When you play the Throne of Games everyone wins! This gorgeous mount that draws inspiration from gaming’s illustrious past is our latest Blocky Bonus item.

The Song of Petallura event is a brand-new, two-week long celebration of spring. Complete 9 new event adventures by beating baddies and doing a bit of gardening.

The cakeday of our friend Chronozilla is approaching, take part in our Chronofest contest to create fan art based on her character for a chance at Trove goodies.

This was a gift for [user=Evilagician] from Trovesaurus as a thanks for contributing to the site. He has nicely deatailed cap and bag. It was made by our favourite plushie maker JouJouPlushies.

This was a plushie we commissioned a while ago from another supplier.

Join us this week for the latest Trove dev livestream! There’s a lot to cover so be sure to come hang out with us for the big show. We’ll also visit some awesome club worlds, epic player created art, and do giveaways.

Greetings PS4 Trovians! We know there have been a number of large issues on Trove PS4 and we wanted to spread the word on how we're planning to make this right. The plan is to start sending these items to players starting this week but it's a large number of impacted players so it'll likely take a week or two before everyone has received the items. Please bear with us while these items are being granted.

We’re doing some spring cleaning of Chaos Chest loot and sending some rare items back into the Trove Vault. These items may pop up again in other places down the road but they’re being removed from Chaos Chest loot tables at some point before May 2018:

Spring has sprung and it’s time to save up to 70% on some of your favorite Trove goodies*! This is your last chance to pick up the Infinium Chef Pack as it’s retiring when this sale ends on April 17th.

Greetings Trovians! If you logged into Trove between resets on April 4, 2018 you'll soon receive a care package, of sorts, for the bugged Lustrous Gem Boxes.

Thanks for taking part in our Cursed Vale art contest this month, we have the results from our guest judges Delicious and mau5head.

Greetings, folks! On Monday, April 2, 2018 we ran into a few bugs that were very frustrating. The bonus day for Shadow Towers wasn't properly applied to Caches and Souls, plus there was general instability that added to these problems.

This week on the Trove livestream we’re talking about the recent launch of Trove – Heroes! There’s a lot to cover so be sure to tune in. We’ll also show off some awesome club builds, epic player created art, and do giveaways.

A roundup of site changes we made over the past month.

This month we celebrate the release of Trove - Heroes with an art contest, we are asking you guys to draw your superhero characters or convert Trove characters into a superhero as demonstrated by our Superqubes here drawn by SkyTheVirus.

Starting contests this year on April 2nd, because the 1st is weird. This time we're asking you to draw Dopesheet, an animator on Trove, for a chance to gain Reward Tokens to unlock Trove goodies on our rewards section.

And have you already redeemed the code? If you wrote it at, logged in, and tried to write it again, it will be trying to redeem it again.

Once you log in from the redeem site, it applies the code, but the message is small. It is something we've reported to them a few times.

You did Friday, 30 March 2018 18:32:15

Check this page to see your code listed.

Wrong channel means it's not being put in the right place. The sage codes need to be applied at the Trion Account Center short link


I write the code behind the Trovesaurus website.

A guy who likes mustaches on his characters, adores the Kiwi ally, and may randomly hug!


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