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Etaew (PC) 5 days ago

Please don't suggest people leave a giveaway, any chance displays is rounded.

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/giveaway=121/windcatcher-webwings-giveaway

Etaew (PC) 2 weeks ago

I advise you to make your single best entry, but there is nothing stopping you uploading more, although you can only receive 1 reward.

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/page=2640/tomb-raiser-class-art-contest

Etaew (PC) 2 months ago

Console players can redeem the sageosaurus just fine.

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/claim

Etaew (PC) 2 months ago

Guess you don't need to be part of a stupid site, we've had tens of thousands of people redeem codes just fine.

Posted on https://trovesaurus.com/claim

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I write the code behind the Trovesaurus website.

Has some weird affiliation with mustaches, and attachment to kiwi. Warning: may randomly hug!


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