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Posted on WIP Garden Harvester item


Something that is work in progress.

Posted on Angel of death art

Those little ghosts are so adorable

Posted on Combined Classes Art and Mod Challenge page

@Miss Lyllie

You can mix two Trove classes :)

Posted on Candy-(Licorice)-Barbarian art

Great improvement over the years aino :)

Posted on Lil (Fae)Thiccster art

Such an improvement in 3 years, I love the comparison and revisit of old work. Nice to see you Aino.

Posted on Candy dungeons art

It looks like this might be based on a screenshot, could you give me any reassurance that this is actually an original creation for the contest?

Posted on I'm Innocent art

Ah this is so cute having the small subclass on the side

Posted on


Likely, removed.

Posted on Spring vibes art

Ah this is adorable!

Posted on Peaceful Hills art

Good work Jeybix, I really like this. I'm really impressed that you say you did this by mouse, how did it you do it, the lines are so crisp?


thanks sir! im so glad that you like it! btw there is a tool in paint tool sai that's called curve tool. you can manipulate the pressure of the curve or lines using it. It's just like pen tool in Photoshop but it's a lot easier and handy in paint tool sai!

Posted on

Okay, I will do a thing!

Posted on Chloromancer in the nature art

I really like this style, it looks great. Welcome to our community, hope to see more from you.

Posted on Dubstepping Desperado collection


Thanks for pointing out we lacked this information, I've added information on the Hearty Party Pack 1 to our database, you can likely find this on your consoles store.

Posted on Take care you plant art

Ah so bright and happy, nice to see your creations DC :)

Posted on Gardening time! art

I really like this, so bright and happy. Welcome to Trove, thank you for submitting this as your first piece :)

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