Is cute and angry :)

I can relate to this, I tend to throw the wrong things too :)

ohnoes, those bunnies are getting eaten!

Mau5's Tomb Raiser is male

The instructions are on this page :)

Not really the right place to ask this question on someones art submission. There is no button for a npc right now, but if you look at the filename for the icon used, it's possible some advanced users can figure it out.

Have you pressed the button to reveal your code on the page?

I love the intepretations of the npcs, the shy one is cuteness.

I love this, so pretty :)

Very cutey little Heartslinger style :)

Such a cute boop. You've captured cuteness and quality :)

Always a big fan of your art style FutureHero. I like the gem and wing colours on this one.

This is a unique style that I haven't noticed before on our submissions. I think it looks great, good job with your first entry. I like the clean lines, the colouring method and the pose :D


I write the code behind the Trovesaurus website.

A guy who likes mustaches on his characters, adores the Kiwi ally, and may randomly hug!


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