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Gunslinger Subclass (Power Rank: 7235, Level: 30):

Rain Destruction - Damage dealt to enemies while airborne is increased.

  • Passive: 3% increased outgoing damage when airborne
  • Stat: +10 Jump


XP Level


Power Rank


Knight Subclass (Power Rank: 1279, Level: 20):

Mounted Cavalry - Increased movement speed while riding ground based mounts.

  • Passive: 95 Movement Speed (Ground)
  • Stat: +4 Flask Capacity


XP Level


Power Rank


Revenant Subclass (Power Rank: 967, Level: 11):

Hatred of the Oathbound - Basic attacks have a chance to trigger a taunt, causing close enemies to attack you.

  • Passive: 17s cooldown 100% chance on damage dealt, Cone AoE Taunt
  • Stat: -2% Incoming Damage

Fae Trickster

XP Level


Power Rank


Fae Trickster Subclass (Power Rank: 951, Level: 11):

Sparkle Grenade - Critical hits to enemies can spawn a shiny bomb that deals damage and stuns enemies.

  • Passive: 20% chance to activate on critical hit 1.5s stun, 150% base damage, 20s cooldown
  • Stat: 102 Movement Speed (Flying)


XP Level


Power Rank


Dracolyte Subclass (Power Rank: 933, Level: 11):

Burning Zealot - Physical damage to enemies has a chance to apply fire to them.

  • Passive: 15% chance to activate on physical damage dealt 10s cooldown, 3s duration, damage every 1s for 20% of base damage
  • Stat: 2% Cooldown Time Reduction

Pirate Captain

XP Level


Power Rank


Pirate Captain Subclass (Power Rank: 912, Level: 10):

Naval Gunfire - Damaging an enemy has a chance to call a cannon ball from the sky.

  • Passive: 20% chance on damage dealt, 30s cooldown, 240% base damage
  • Stat: +20 Magic Find

Lunar Lancer

XP Level


Power Rank


Lunar Lancer Subclass (Power Rank: 877, Level: 11):

Sorta Crazy - Chance during combat to transform and receive some power of the Lunar Lancer.

  • Passive: 20% chance on damage dealt, 30s cooldown, 6s duration, 10% physical damage, 10% spell damage, 15 movement speed, 90% damage reduction, 100 attack speed
  • Stat: +60 Physical Damage

Candy Barbarian

XP Level


Power Rank


Candy Barbarian Subclass (Power Rank: 870, Level: 10):

Sugar Rush - Damaging an enemy has a chance to drop candy that increases attack and movement speed or healing

  • Passive: 22.5% chance to activate on damage dealt 15s cooldown, Rage Candy: +20 Movement and +100 Attack Speed (4s), Heal Candy: 10% Heal
  • Stat: +15 Stability

Neon Ninja

XP Level


Power Rank


Neon Ninja Subclass (Power Rank: 866, Level: 11):

Assassinate - Chance to deal bonus damage to enemies with less than 20% health.

  • Passive: 20% chance when target health is below 20%, 30s cooldown, 350% base damage
  • Stat: +2 Jump

Shadow Hunter

XP Level


Power Rank


Shadow Hunter Subclass (Power Rank: 861, Level: 10):

Searing Light - Magic attacks to enemies can activate Searing Light a damage over time effect.

  • Passive: 15% chance to activate on spell damage dealt, 10s cooldown, deal 20% of base damage every 1s for 3s total
  • Stat: +60 Magic Damage

Tomb Raiser

XP Level


Power Rank


Tomb Raiser Subclass (Power Rank: 860, Level: 10):

Corpse Run - Fallen enemies have a chance to spawn a random minion. Only one minion can be active.

  • Passive: Minion 52%, Ranged/Tank/DPS 14%, Epic 5% 30% chance on NPC death, 30s cooldown, 60s duration
  • Stat: +1% Critical Hit


XP Level


Power Rank


Chloromancer Subclass (Power Rank: 804, Level: 8):

Prickly Persona - Enemy attacks have a chance to cover you in thistles, returning damage to attackers.

  • Passive: 3s duration 20% chance when damaged by a npc, 30s cooldown, 50% reflected damage (to npcs only, no shadow titans)
  • Stat: +1% Maximum Health


XP Level


Power Rank


Boomeranger Subclass (Power Rank: 801, Level: 11):

Fae Companion - A fae companion that provides healing when you are low on life.

  • Passive: 30% Heal Automatically activate at 20% health, 30s cooldown.
  • Stat: +2% Critical Damage

Ice Sage

XP Level


Power Rank


Ice Sage Subclass (Power Rank: 796, Level: 11):

Glacial Ward - Damaging enemies will activate an absorb shield. Shield can absorb 5% of your maximum health.

  • Passive: 20% chance on damage dealt trigger absorb shield, 30s cooldown, 5% maximum health absorb
  • Stat: +60 Magic Damage

Dino Tamer

XP Level


Power Rank


Dino Tamer Subclass (Power Rank: 1, Level: 3):

Research Net - Critical hits have a chance to root targets in place for a short duration.

  • Passive: 20% chance on critical hit 8s cooldown, 2s root
  • Stat: +0.5% Attack Speed

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