Trove Heroes

We are very happy to announce a building contest this time, one reason being the release of Trove - Heroes. But furthermore, because every one of us is a Trovian Hero or plans to be that hero who will be remembered in Trovian History. So lets build the Cornerstone worthy of your hero!

Thanks for taking part in our Heroes art contest, we have the results from our guest judges SkyTheVirus and MochaMint.

Greetings PS4 Trovians!

Join us this week for the latest Trove dev livestream! There’s a lot to cover so be sure to come hang out with us for the big show. We’ll also visit some awesome club worlds, epic player created art, and do giveaways.

This week on the Trove livestream we’re talking about the recent launch of Trove – Heroes! There’s a lot to cover so be sure to tune in. We’ll also show off some awesome club builds, epic player created art, and do giveaways.

This month we celebrate the release of Trove - Heroes with an art contest, we are asking you guys to draw your superhero characters or convert Trove characters into a superhero as demonstrated by our Superqubes here drawn by SkyTheVirus.

Fly into epic new adventures with Trove – Heroes! Powerful, shadowy forces try to corrupt the once peaceful realms of Trove and it’s up to you to stop them.

Draft page is not published.

We've updated the Styles database to the Trove Heroes client, sorry for the delay in publishing, we had to filter out a large number of minor text changes.

We've updated the Items and Deco database to the Trove - Heroes update. Sorry for the delay in publishing this, we filtered out a large number of minor text edits that didn't need to be shown.

We've updated the Trovesaurus Database to the Trove - Heroes client update, and detected the following changes to the Collections table.

We've updated the Trovesaurus database to the Trove - Heroes update and detected the following new client strings.

Answer the call to action, fight back against the rampaging Amperium, and save the world! Trove – Heroes launches on March 27, 2018!

Trove Heroes arrives and introduces the new Vanguardian class, Luminopolis biome and more.

The Vanguardian is the hero we deserve. Rising up against the forces of shadow she is a stalwart protector of the innocent and a fierce warrior of the light.

This week on the Trove livestream we’re doing a deep dive into the upcoming Vanguardian class coming with Trove – Heroes!

This spring the free Trove – Heroes expansion is going to unleash a powerful new class and beautiful new sub-biome, but it’s also bringing all sorts of improvements to elements of the game that were due for an update.

This week on the Trove livestream we're going to show off some of the cool new quality of life changes coming with Trove - Heroes this spring! We've got tech improvements, a big buff for Dracolytes, new daily bonuses, and more! Plus, we'll answer your questions, show off incredible player-created art, and do our famous giveaways!

Luminopolis is a sprawling, technological wonder that’s home to many massive marvels of modernity!

We've compared the Strings on the PTS client with the Live client, here are the differences.

We've checked the blueprints on the PTS with those on the Live server and these are the changes.

We're collecting images to show all new things in a nice handy post. This post is being updated continuously, check the update log for update info. Warning ahead, this is image heavy ^^.

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic 2018 so far! It’s been a boost to the whole team to see all the positive responses to our last update, Trove – Adventures, which introduced a now fan-favorite biome: the Forbidden Spires. That energy’s going into a ton of new content coming up in 2018, the first of which is our brand new Heroes update!

The PTS has been opened and updated to contain the testing release of Trove Heroes, jump on to try out the new Vanguardian class, the Luminopolis sub-biome, Rampages, Beacons, Beacon of Heroes and more.

Get ready to fight the forces of shadow in previously undiscovered lands and with a brand-new Expert Class – the Vanguardian! Trove – Heroes arrives this Spring!


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