Trove Developers

Who are the Trove team members?

Please note that we only list publicly facing developers and ones who interact with Trovesaurus, not the entire team.

Active Developers

Atronos Game Designer

Joined 2014, responsible for modelling and adding game items.

Din Othar Executive Producer

Joined 2017

dope_sheet Senior Animator

Joined 2014, is responsible for the animated things in Trove.

Fasti Community Manager

TrionFasti (PC)

Joined 2014, is our adorable bulldog who interacts with us on behalf of the developers.


Joined 2015.

Junebug VFX Artist

Junebug_Poop (PC)

Joined the Trove Team in 2015 is responsible for most of the effects in the game.


Joined 2014.

Morticus Senior Designer

Joined the Trove team in 2016.

Phantasie Producer

Joined 2015.

PostCard Producer

Joined in 2015, is responsible for player facing tasks such as patch notes.

Srayer Senior Software Engineer


TrionBrasse Director of Community Relations

Joined 2015.

Twixler Animator


Joined 2015, is responsible for animations on Trove.


Joined 2017.

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Devs to Interview
  • Fasti 2790
  • Srayer 168
  • Din Othar 115
  • Morgana 95
  • TimW 48
  • Morticus 33
  • Phantasie 27
  • TrionBrasse 25
  • Grin 4
  • tynaut 2

About Trovesaurus

Trovesaurus aims to help provide a central hub of information, tools and community for Trove players, modders and artists. It is run by Etaew (PC) .


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