Today in Trove

Information on what is happening in Trove today.

Daily Bonus

Playing Trove today will apply the following bonus:

Adventure Day

  • Earn 50% More Adventurine
  • Double Chance to Find Adventure Boxes
  • Double Chance To Find Talismans

Daily Bonus - the following bonus is active today:
Weekly Bonus - the following bonus is active this week:
Weekly Reset - Tomes, Leaderboards and Challenge Delves will reset in:
Chaos Chest - The new item in Chaos Chests is:
Featured Collectable - The collection that can be crafted or purchased with Credits in the Hub is:
Luxion - Dragon that visits twice a month to sell rare gear in the Hub
Daily Reset at 3AM PDT in
14h 47m 30s
Weekly Reset at Monday 3AM PDT in
3d 14h 47m 30s

Art Contest

Amatrix, the Hexed
Art Contest Ends 2 weeks from now

Cute-Topped Carrot
Giveaway Ended 5 hours ago

Renewus 2021
Event Ended 2 days ago

Lush Leo
Giveaway Ended 1 week ago

Cute-Topped Carrot
Giveaway Ended 1 week ago

Snowfest 2020 - Art Challenge
Art Contest Ended 2 weeks ago