Today in Trove

Information on what is happening in Trove today.

Daily Bonus

Playing Trove today will apply the following bonus:

Loot Day

  • +100 Magic Find
  • Double Chance To Find Flux Artifacts
  • Increased Chaos Chest Drop Chance

Weekly Event

The followign weekly event is active:


New in Chaos Chests!

The new item in Chaos Chests this week is:

Chaos Chest:


Leaderboard contests this week:


Daily Reset at 3AM PDT in
4h 48m 56s
Weekly Reset at Monday 3AM PDT in
0d 4h 48m 56s


Tricker Treater
Giveaway Ends 1 day from now

Art Contest

Uzumini Art Challenge
Art Contest Ends 1 week from now

Trove Loading Screen Fan Art Contest
Art Contest Ends 1 month from now

Art Contest

Event Art
Art Contest Starts 2 weeks from now

Collection Art
Art Contest Starts 4 weeks from now

Class Art
Art Contest Starts 1 month from now


St. Qubeslick 2020 - Art Challenge
Art Contest Ended 6 days ago

Cinnabar Squad Quad
Giveaway Ended 6 days ago

St. Qubeslick 2020
Event Ended 6 days ago

Hyperstar Hoverboard
Giveaway Ended 2 weeks ago

Animal Heads
Mod Contest Ended 2 weeks ago