Geode Surface

Fight the Shadows on the Surface of Geode with new Crystal Gear and Cosmic Gems up to U10.

Further information on some Geode Surface Updates, including changes to Gems, Contained Chaos Flare and more.

The AtlasTop ^

The Atlas can now be accessed from any location with Ctrl+A (by default on PC). It is still physically accessable in Trovian Hub Square and in Geode Sanctuary.

GemsTop ^

Gems no longer crack, so they will never break when upgrading again. Thus, Jade Clover are no longer used in upgrading gems. However, you can still convert them into Glittering Horseshoe on Adventurer's Crafting Bench.

All newly obtained lesser gems of Shadow Rarity and above have either Fierce (Physical Damage) or Arcane (Magic Damage) in their name. That means, their stats will never roll into opposite damage. Old lesser gems without Fierce\Arcane naming can still roll to any sort of damage.

Lesser Cosmic Gems can only be unboxed from Cosmic Gem Boxes, obtain on Geode Surface. For more on Cosmic Gems see Geode Surface Gear.

Contained Chaos FlareTop ^

Gem Augment. A flare of primal chaos, bound in a containment field and awaiting a gem to interact with.

  Contained Chaos Flare is used to move a stat boost on gems at Gem Forge.

Chaos Flare is crafted at Adventurer's Crafting Bench using two Contained Chaos Spark. Chaos Flares can also be unboxed from Lustrous Gem Box.

U10Top ^

Uber-10 is the new difficulty rating available only on Geode Topside. It requires:

  • Power Rank 15000
  • Light 2125
  • (suggested class level 29-30)

Uber-10 is the only difficulty to obtain Crystal Level 3 gear.

Starbar changesTop ^

With Crystal Combat update it becomes possible to fill Star Bar multiple times. First Starbar fill rewards with usual 500 cubits and 500 flux (non-patron), next 4 fills reward with one Starglint Pinata and 100 cubits. Players with patron active reciever 1500 cubits and 1500 flux on first starbar fill, than 300 cubits and two Starglint Pinata for the next four fills. See more about Starglint Pinatas at Geode Surface Collections.

WorkbenchesTop ^

Mount Taming Bench station has been added. All talisman mounts and basic Craftable mounts are crafted there now.

Most of workbenches can now be crafted at Builder's Crafting Bench.

Community Chest are no longer craftable and functional.

Loading ScreensTop ^

From now on, loading screens will sometimes feature Trove Fan art from Trovesaurus Gallery.

All variations of loading screens can be found here.



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