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So allow me to explain. What Fasti doesn't want you to know is that he gets triggered any time Superstition is brought up because he is secretly having a relationship with Samantha.

I caught this picture of them behind the Trion office this morning:

You're secret is out Fasti. It's time to come to terms with your love for cats.
Bulldogs all the way! (But, that is an adorable gif)

So, Superstition.

I play Trove. I like to explore, I like to run dungeons, I like to visit cool builds. Superstition has no impact on my daily Trove life.

If a thing is a thing I think that thing should do a thing. I may have brought this up to people on one or two occasions.

So, what Superstition does right now is a badly kept secret. What Superstition may do...one day...soon...that's a much better kept secret.

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So, how's your day been, Fasti?
Just chillin'.