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July 11, 2016 by [Deleted User]

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This guide will focus being an introduction to the marketplace for new and returning players, and as such may not be suitable for more experienced players.


The marketplace is a place where players can make listings to sell their items easily, and without having to get in contact with those buying. If you are unsure how to use it properly, please read this guide, as it will go through everything you might need to know, and more!

Purchasing Items

When you open the market place (by pressing U on your keyboard), this is what you will be shown the first time.

  1. Item Type: Specify a certain category so that only items in that category shows.
  2. Currency: Specify a certain currency so that only listings requesting that currency shows.
  3. Hide Collected: Checking this on will hide any items which you have already unlocked.
  4. Sort by Unit Price: Checking this will show the listing with the cheapest per-unit price, rather than cheapest price requested.
  5. Item Name: Input something to search for items containing the word in them.
  6. Search Button: Press this button to search for listings using the settings chosen

After pressing the search button, the marketplace will show listings that matches what you selected.

  1. Item name: This tells you the name of the item being sold.
  2. Quantity: This shows you how many of that particular item is being sold.
  3. Information button: This shows you a description of the item when hovered over.
  4. Purchase button: This shows you how much of a certain item you need to buy the item, and pressing it will make you purchase the item without any warning.
  5. Navigation Arrows: Press these to go back and forth between the pages of item listings on the marketplace.

Once you have found an item listing that you wish to buy, press the purchase button. The currency specified will be deducted from your inventory and personal storage, and the item will be sent to your inventory. Note that there is no way to specify how many units you wish to buy. If an item listing is showing 100 Mushroom Chunks for 300 flux, pressing the purchase button will buy all of the Mushroom Chunks, rather than letting you chose how many to buy.

Selling Items

If you press on the SELL button you will open up the sell tab, which should look like this.

  1. Item: Drag an item into this slot to make a listing.
  2. Currency Accepted: Select which currency you're requesting.
  3. Create Button: Press this button to put a listing with the item and price chosen.
  4. Price: Input how many of the selected currency you request.

After inserting an item and inputting a price, press the Create button to remove the item from your inventory, and have it listed on the marketplace for the price you selected.

  1. Listing: This is one of your listings, which will show up to other players.
  2. Cancel Button: Press this button to cancel the listing, returning the item to your inventory
  3. Claim Button: Press this button to claim the money after your listing was purchased.
  4. Empty Slot: This is an empty slot, which will be filled when you make a listing.
  5. Locked Slot: This is a locked slot, which is unlocked permanently once bought for either credits or cubits. (Note that although the image above shows 3 unlocked slots, players start out with only 1 unlocked slot)

Once a player buys your item, the cancel button will be replaced with a claim button, which when pressed will remove the listing and send the money to your inventory. Note that players can only buy all of the items listed in that slot at once, and cannot specify how many units to buy. If you put up 100 Mushroom Chunks for 3 flux, players will not be purchasing one of the chunks for 3 flux per unit, but all 100 chunks for 3 flux total.

Understanding Prices

You know how to buy and sell items now, but the most important part is to understand how much things cost, and how to price your items properly.

To start off, search for the item you wish to buy/sell, and check through the first couple of pages and note their prices. More likely than not, you will find the average price of the item on the first page. If you're in doubt, ask someone whether a certain price is correct, rather than just asking them for the price, and you should hopefully get an answer to clear your doubt.

If you decide you want to sell items at a high profit, remember that overpricing your items means they just won't get sold. If you on the other hand sell items for too low, your profit will be too low to be worth the effort.

Find a balance between time and profit, usually selling at or slightly above the average price is usually the best, since items will sell in a decent amount of time while still giving you some fair profit.

Suggested Items

Please note that this section is correct as of 11/25/2015. but may have been outdated by a patch since. 

If you're unsure what to sell to earn money, here are some effective and simple methods.

Shapestone: Mining shapestone is quick and easy, especially if you use the Boomeranger's bomb ability. It sells particularly quickly unlike many other things, but keep in mind that there are things which you might need it for yourself, so don't sell all of it. More difficult worlds will in general have more ore, so keep that in mind as well.

Recipe Scrolls: Gathering recipe scrolls is easy, since the lairs are available in any uber world. Most biome recipes will sell at around the same price, but be sure to check the prices on the recipe beforehand. In particular, Permafrost and Candoria recipes are worth less because of low demand.

Lairs containing recipes will be shown on the map as a scroll, and the lair will have a giant scroll on top of it in the world.

Sunlight Bulbs &Radiant Shards: It's easy to acquire large amounts of these, especially if using a Fae Trickster with jumps and energy regeneration. The Fae Trickster's glitter bombs are a great ability to use since it's ranged, can be thrown, and has a large area of effect once it explodes, granting you many of these items.

Sunlight Bulbs are found in the giant sunflowers found in the peaceful hills biome. Radiant shards are found in the Sky Realm, which requires several jumps and wings to explore in properly, so it is advised not to go there until you're well into the game.


The marketplace is a great place to interact with the economy without having to actively contact others to buy and sell your goods, and it also helps ease players into the community, especially those who easily burns out socially.

I hope this guide has helped you understand the basics of the marketplace, and hopefully you'll stay long enough that you're the one advising others.

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