How to make flux from the market

July 11, 2016 by [Deleted User]

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To enter the market click U in game. In the market you can buy everything/ whatever people sells for various currencies but the most popular is flux and dragon coins for those who have all the dragons you have a purpose for these. Although each dragon coin in the market is around 1250flux.

The best way to benefit from the market (also called item flipping) is to:

1) Find the mount that is the cheapest in the market for this example its a corgi at 800 flux. You can either buy one or buy all the cheapest corgis so the cheapest is 800 x 4 = 3200 flux.

2)For this example you see most of the corgis are sold at around 1400 flux, you can either sell your newly brought corgi at this price or 1300. You can work out the profit 1400 x4 = 5600.  Profit (5600)- investment (3200) = 2400 flux.

3) you can either rinse and repeat this method or look for more expensive mods to increase that profit.Although the profit is small if you continue this and get rarer mounts the profit becomes larger. 

you can sell resources for a higher price just remember when selling resources aim for numbers such as 10,50,100,200,500,1000 as they are more likeable then 2,1,7 as people tend to avoid them unless its dragon souls. Its very easy to farm shapestone and formacite which you can sell for 1:2flux for shapestone and 1:5 for formacite unless the market chances you can always check the unit price in the market and plan your pricing accordingly.

Now down to buisness making profits
Also remember PATIENCE is a must your item will sell unless you ask for 10x the normal price. An example for a reasonable price buying a mount for 3k flux and selling it for around 5k. Or hording mounts and selling them after they are not obtainable from the game such as the sushi roll, kami, buggie and etc. If you find something is not for sale in the market and is rare, you along with your friends can create a monopoly( shown above if you buy all the mounts which is impossible unless you buy all the cheap ones listed in the market) where you sell that item for a higher price than its market price as you and your friends are the only ones selling that item. This works best for mounts, mag riders, wings and other rare items in this game.

My last pieces of advice release your inner Capitalism. Every profit you make should be invested back into the market to increase its amount maybe at the end of the game you reach your target flux and buy your set item. You repeat the process all over again.

Final advice I promise ;)
For an odd reason at the moment selling steed feed in the market right now would be most profitable since the market prices have not stabalized yet. Also I found the best time for cheap trades around 10pm Est time 3-5am Est dunno the reasons but I got some rare mounts for so little. Also a little tip becareful when you put things up to sale, make sure its the price you want for your item. Make sure you pick what you want and double no triple check the amount of the payment you want cause once its up in the market listing and someone finds your mistake, the ultimate winner is that person and you have been scammed by yourself.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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